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January 3, 2000
two years ago

Price of Efficiency

I had a very efficient day today.

Fixed everything that I ran into yesterday, built more stuff, tested everything, got it merged in with everyone else's code, and published more code than I thought I would be able to do. Then I got even more done and actually finished an entire feature, and locked up everything I could think of that it might affect. It's always a surprise to actually hit a deadline with plenty of time.

There really isn't that much more to today. John and I stayed until it was 7:30 p.m., just before my appointment with CeLena. We went home, and then John went with me to drop me off for my massage. My arms and hands are trashed. I even asked her to to pay extra attention to my forearms and wrists, so we started with me on my back, so she could get at my arms easily. She did a really excellent job of working them over, going over every tendon, sore muscle, and inch of skin. Some parts were extremely sore, and while she was sympathetic she also didn't let up on any of those spots. It really needed the work.

By the time I got home, my arms felt really different. I think the massage actually loosened up muscles that hadn't been relaxed for weeks, if not months, if not ever. John managed to get pizza and Buffalo wings, so we ate while watching the last few minutes of the very last regular season football game on Monday Night Football. I'm going to miss being able to watch that until fall. One of those winter rituals that makes Mondays better. Then again, I may well enjoy having CeLena as a regular Monday night event more than football.

A hot bath with the bath salts that mom gave me for Christmas later, I was deep asleep in my bed and dreaming of code races, where the bits and pieces of code that I ran into became a program that worked better every time I won. That was pretty funny.

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