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January 2, 2000
two years ago

Romp, Hopping John, and Work

I did manage to drag myself out of bed in time. Didn't actually have all that much trouble as John got up really early, made coffee for the two of us and then biked and by the time I actually got up I felt like I'd outslept him significantly, eventhough it wasn't all that much later in the morning. We had the coffee cake from yesterday for breakfast, and then got ready to go up onto Marshall Mesa. John got Fezzik worked up into a frenzy by just talking to him and using that tone of voice that one uses to get kids and dogs all excited about what's coming up. Fezzik was dancing around impatiently, sticking his nose into my shoes when I was trying to put them on, and basically making a complete pest of himself; but such a happy pest!

Well, we got out there, and John wanted to go up beyond the bridge to meet folks up there, but I wanted to stay out where we were visible as the sams and their people hadn't shown up, yet. They did a few minutes later, and then everyone got taken off their leashes and Fezzik took off in the wrong direction again. Gah. John went off after him, and Debbie and Matt were cool and said, "Hey, why don't we just go up that way this time?"

So we did. Fezzik just kept galloping. I don't really know why, he even passed up several dogs on his way up, and just kept going. That was kinda weird. I was completely breathless by the time we made it up that icy slope, and we caught up to the dogs about two thirds of the way up. They were all acting less attentive this time around and Fezzik was just completely deaf to anything John and I asked of him, which was really frustrating. Then the three of them took off again, I imagined that they were going up to the water hole, but when we got up to the switch back, I saw Fezzik coming the other way the next level up, without the two Sams. John leaped up the bank and stopped Fezzik and herded him back towards the waterhole. The two samoyeds were no where to be seen.

There was, however, an entire hillside of cows on the other side of the stream. All of them were just standing there, eating, like cows usually do. Well. All except for one who was running across the hillside, lowing and kicking up her heels at, on what a long look made out, was two white fluffy tails curled up over the backs of what were, evidently, two dogs having the time of their lives chasing cows. It was the funniest thing to mark the progress of the dogs by which cow was running for its life. Poor Matt, I was just laughing my head off, he actually leaped through the stream and went up the hill after the dogs, occassionally getting chased by disgruntled cows. He got them, though, and hauled them back on a single leash which is harder than it looks, but it was also a bit easier because with the dogs, the cattle avoided him like the plague, so no more being chased.

The rest of the walk was less frantic. Seems that after getting that burst out of their systems, the dogs settled down to walking with us rather than rampaging about. That was much better. Fezzik was panting really hard, though, after the long uphill, so we may well just drag him to the other side, first, before letting him lose and letting him go up the wrong way again. The blind corner at the end really helped the whole cow situation, too. So we'll likely go back to doing it the way we used to.

By the time we got back to the car, Fezzik was completely exhausted, so the two of us lifted him in and then did our usual trip to Costco. Stuffed things around him, and went home. I was pretty hungry and got things like angel hair pasta, a whole huge carton of instant mashed potatoes (only after checking and confirming that it's got well less than 18% of its calores from fat, that old post-Holidays reflex), and some other food things we didn't really need, but I just wanted as we walked by things.

Home again home again. The last of the Hopping John was out in the garage, so I brought it in and put it away mostly in some containers and then took a blob of it and put it in a pan with a little canola oil and started smashing beans. Between the smashed beans and the cooking, the entire mass solidified to the consistency of regular refried beans, and it had all the taste that the ham hocks and spices I had added to the beans could give. So the whole thing was very tasty indeed. It made for a very good dip for nachos that John made.

I have to admit that I am afraid of work. There is just so much to do and so little time to do it in. There is a specific deadline for Tuesday, so I spent most of the afternoon working. I did dictate the journal entries for the previous week before I even started, but even as I was dictating a was thinking about what I needed to do next. I finally ended up stymied on three different development paths, ending up in a position were I couldn't compile anything. Luckily, I had finished a significant amount before I got to that point, running into other peoples code changes and some build problems I couldn't fix without a network connection to work's data and central source control.

The good thing was that it made me stop at about dinner time.

John and I spent most of the evening watching TV and playing Crash Team Racing. I've found that the videogame as a really good job getting my brain off of work. That is something that is getting harder to do everyday, and it seems to be a necessary thing. I still number a time when I used to think that I wanted a job that could consume everything I had available, my mind, my desire, and all my abilities. Now I seem to only want any energy left for my own life and thoughts for anything other than my work. What a strange difference between hope and expectation set by old-time values and the reality of my everyday

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