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January 21, 2000
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Notfun Friday

It's Friday.

The entire group when out for lunch at Juan's burritos. And during the third review of the day Bob left for Seattle.

A couple weeks ago we found out that Bob's wife, Mei, was throwing Bob a fiftieth birthday party. We found out that it's tomorrow and, from his sister, we found out that it is at Bob's house. She also told us the exact time to be there. United was having a sale on tickets for the first quarter of 2000, to combat the slow travel due to the Y2K scare for the new year, so we got tickets to Seattle fairly cheap, flying into Seattle early Saturday morning and out again on Monday afternoon. We were all set to have this big adventure. Only, by Friday afternoon, I was so completely exhausted I couldn't even think of doing this huge social whirlwind.

Also. I need to pass this on:

Dear friends and family,
I am still actively trying to locate my children. Their mother, Jeanette Frost, fled with them from Whatcom County, Washington on November 5, 1999. They were located in Marin County, California at the end of November but fled before I was able to get the legal paperwork completed that would have allowed me to bring my children home. Since they surfaced in California, Jeanette has used the name Joy, Emily has gone by the name Jo, and Yuri has gone by the name Will. The Whatcom County Sheriff and the FBI are both actively working on the case. I am doing all that I can to aid the Law Enforcement authorities in locating my children. I am asking friends and family to help me by distributing this flyer via e-mail. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has given me permission to distribute and print the attached poster.
Would you please print the poster and post them at the Post Office, Stores, local Law Enforcement Offices and any other community gathering places. I suspect that my children and their mother are still in California, but, it would be wise to distribute the posters as widely as possible. My hope is that my children's faces and identity will be seen by as many people as possible. By distributing the poster as widely as possible I hope to locate my children and bring them home.
If any of the enclosed poster, from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, is scrambled or gone you can access the poster directly at Choose "Search for Child Photos". Scroll to the last name box and type in "Rostykus". Click on "View Poster". The full size 8 " x 11" poster is there. You are free to print or otherwise reproduce it.
I appreciate your help in my search,
With heartfelt thanks,
David Rostykus
2316 Yew Street Road #4
Bellingham, WA 98226

David is John's brother. Emily and Yuri are my niece and nephew. Suffice it to say that I dislike the ex-wife intensely and really hate all the tricks she's played to cheat David out of any time or contact with his kids. 'Nuff said. She took off with them just before Christmas, but since it really is David's story to tell it really hasn't shown up here before this. Also, since he is spreading this as far and wide as possible, I thought would help.

The weekend was also supposed to be a chance for all the Rostyki to gather and talk and be a family together for a little bit.

At four in the afternoon John writes me a small email telling me that he isn't feeling well and would like to go home. All week I've been stealing a few minutes here and there to talk to Cera, Geoff, and Genevieve and I feel cheated of the one hour I can actually talk to them free and clear, especially since I will be gone until Tuesday. So I snapped at John, but I also closed everything down quickly because he really is sounding miserable. When I see him I'm shocked and I drive him home as fast as possible, where he gets spectacularly sick with all the classical signs of food poisoning. Luckily there is no sign of botulism, so I feed him aspirin, make a rehydrating drink, tuck him under a pile of blankets on the couch, and end up sticking a frying pan that has been heated under running hot water next to his feet. I couldn't find the stopper to the hot water bottle, so I did the next best thing, and he finally stopped shivering and gradually went to sleep. I also put a cold cloth on his forehead, and took his temperature before he went to sleep and it was a little bit over 101.

Not good.

We call John's parents to say it's not likely we'll make it tomorrow. We called Ray to say that he shouldn't bother picking up Fezzik tomorrow for the weekend. The flight is at eight tomorrow morning, and I can't even think of getting up at 5 a.m. to take care of everything before leaving at 6 to catch an 8 a.m. flight.

I just can't.

So by 8 p.m. we're in bed, and he's still burning up with fever. All of him is just hot to the touch, and to him I am cold and soothing. So we cuddle and try to go to sleep, but he's tossing and turning. Eventually, late in the night, he leaves the bed and in the quiet I fall asleep.

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