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January 20, 2000
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Crazy Week

This week was crazy. It was filled with 18 hours of meetings on my schedule, I think John's was even worse. Bob was here as well and with test week, everything overflowed.

We'd stumble home late only to get up early the next morning for early meetings, only to do it all over again. Between all the code reviews were also the quarterly results meeting and an all-hand software divisional meeting. Results are good, things are chugging right along and stuff sounds great for the coming quarter as well. Mostly the expected stuff that was still that was still really good to hear in concrete and numeric terms.

Monday night CeLena really and truly worked me over. My forearms were having problems from all the work hours plus all the online stuff I've been cramming into all the extra minutes between meetings, so she did things to my arms that made them feel like lines of acid and bruises threaded through my bones. My lower back isn't doing particularly well either and the muscles of my butt and hips seem to be trying to compensate to the point where when she started on all the muscles around my left hip it felt like she'd burst a bubble of lactic acid right in the middle of the muscle. It took a really long salt soak to get the screaming muscles to finally stop, and I was stupid and didn't do it until it was obvious that there was no way on earth I was going to sleep without the soak.

So Monday was painful. Not only because we set up all the meetings for the rest of the week, but because of that physical workout. I know that I have to work it through all the way, because some painful things really do work towards a greater good in the end. There seems to be no other way to get my muscles to behave themselves in my lower back. Between the abuse of long workdays and not doing quite as much exercise as I should, I really need to work through the price getting it to relax.

Tuesday afternoon held the first code review I've done in years. I prepped the material madly on Monday, and kept it tight and focused on spots that I knew were possible trouble. We got through it all in exactly an hour, and we found three bugs I knew were there plus a few potential trouble spots that I can easily cleanup. That proved to be very useful.

On that great note I decided to use the exercise bike in the evening, and we ate the leftover onion soup afterwards. What was left from that I took into work for Wednesday's lunch because Bob was doing house stuff and I had no reason to go out to lunch.

Wednesday was the quarterly report and we had record earnings. Of course the stock price plummeted. I have no clue why this crazy pattern happens, but it has for the last three or four quarters. On the day of really great announcements the price drops like a rock, only to rise later. The entire afternoon was eaten by a four-hour meeting on a basic restructuring that will occur over the next two yearly releases, maybe more. It's great to be able to learn about such extensive changes early on and make the decisions we need to make that will effect things downstream.

Thursday was group party night, after three code reviews during the day plus one interview of a field application engineer from the Southeast. It is a little bit late in our design cycle, for this particular release, to do changes now; but it will be very useful for the next set.

Everyone met after work at Steve's, and the whole group had dinner together. Everyone brought something, so it was pot luck, and the food was very good. Afterwards everyone went out on the back deck and watched the eclipse of the moon. John and I had to go home before the party in order to get some of his homebrew for the party, so we loaded Fezzik into the back of Borax as well. Steve said it would be okay to bring the dog, he has two golden retrievers, both of whom played well with Fezzik. They had a great time running around, the retrievers chasing a tennis ball while Fezzik chased them. The night itself was frigid, but completely clear so we could see every phase of the eclipse. When the moon was half covered the lot of us went back into the kitchen to warm up and have dessert. Bob had found Boulder Cheesecake and brought one of their plain cheesecakes to the party, and there were two chocolate cakes as well, one frosted and the other dusted with powdered sugar. A most excellent break.

We then all stood outside in temperatures in the teens, and watched the shadow move across the face of the moon. John was out there in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, and everyone was asking if he was cold. He was ignoring the cold and having fun. When the moon was completely covered we all went back inside and watched as pairs of us played Gran Turismo II on their new PlayStation.

I really enjoyed the party, and enjoyed all hugs afterwards when everyone was going home. It really is good to have an entire group of friends that can share not only work but the social relationship as well.

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