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January 8, 2001
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Fish Check and Hot Sync

The stockings worked really well, though the nylon is getting really chewed up by the Velcro. Still, it's thin enough I'm not getting any problems with circulation at all. So I think it's a success.

Didn't have to get up early, as the doctor's appointment wasn't until 9:30, but we got up pretty early. John fed me grapefruit and I asked for the last of the apple pie and some sharp cheddar. The pie was leftover and wasn't going to get any better, and should be eaten, so we ate it happily. The sharp cheese went really well and gave me a good protein basis for surviving the morning. Both of us packed leftovers for lunch, John got the last of the Alfredo, I picked up the last of the chicken mozzarella I'd whipped up sometime last week. I added a cup of yogurt for a solid afternoon snack and we were off.

To Boulder Medical Center, and since we were half an hour early, we stopped at Vic's and got coffee drinks. I had mine decaf. An amusing side effect of getting decaf lattes is that the hot milk makes me sleepy without any caffeine in 'em it's really kind of funny. Coffee drinks putting me to sleep. A chocolate croissant said, "Eat me!" while I was there at the counter, so I bought it and ate it with John while seated in the Passat in the sunshine. The morning was actually pretty cold, given the 60's temps on Saturday and Friday, it's supposed to be warm today and tomorrow and then we get hit with snow again. Should be fun.

The appointment went as routinely as the others. I'm really getting good at collecting a urine sample, even when I can't see past my belly. Practice and perfection and all that. There was the weigh-in and I'm now at 180 1/4, which is a 20 lb. gain from the start, and I have only five weeks to go to get between 25 and 35 pounds. I don't think it'll be a problem. I was doing about a pound a week for a while, and this last month is when the kid is supposed to be gaining the most. The womb is now somewhere around 34 cm long, my blood pressure is good, and the baby's heartbeat is around 140. He seems to be wiggling well, and things are progressing nicely.

Dr. Weinberg was good with the questions about sleep and recommended most of the things I'd been thinking of, baths, exercise, having John turn me a bit more or a bit less when I'm snoring, and simply trying to relax before going to bed. My weight gain seems right on the button. And everything looks good. Next week will be the ultrasound and seeing how the kiddo is positioned, a whole lot more than this week. So it'll be more interesting. Luckily, the routine is kind of settling in some ways.

Work was work, and John and I ate in the downstairs lunch room and got to talk with various people as we ate. Cary gave us a gift from A.J.. She'd handknitted a sweater and mittens and booties for the kid in a rainbow of colors! A coat of many, many colors. Gorgeous and easy to care for as it's cotton and machine washable. Someone else said that they weren't going to make it to the shower this coming Saturday, as they'd been asked to babysit for a friend that night. Another co-worker came and asked about the Land Rover John was wearing on his chest, and had a good time finding out more about them. That was good.

I got a good mass of journal entries up during the day and also got somewhere with my work and design documentation. Lots of picture drawing and thinking in all this. I think it'll go okay.

John wanted to ride the exercise bike when he got home, so at 5, I ate my yogurt and a few Hob Nobs, so that I knew I'd have something to tide me over. He was thinking enchiladas, but I really didn't want them nearly as much as his taco salad. We had the stuff to make them already and we had so much food at home it would be better to eat what we already had then buy more, so we just went home. John went downstairs and rode while I wrote up yesterday and some of today. When I heard him in the kitchen, I went down to ride for my time. I'm still a little sore from yesterday's thirty minutes, but I think it's a good thing that I'm only a little sore. The twenty minutes of riding made me a little bit more sore, but not too badly, and it felt good to just get everything circulating.

After riding, I went back upstairs and John had made many wonderful smells in the kitchen. He'd thrown together a different spicy meat and bean mixture to put on the salads. The taco salads were basically lettuce, the meat mixture, cheese, fresh tomatoes, and crunched up chips on top. John, however, keeps changing the various elements a little, and the chips are always whatever we happen to have that day. Today they were blue corn tortilla chips. Yum. Eating is good.

After that, I had a list of things I had to do on my Visor. It felt good to just do them. No reason not to. Getting a Flex spending plan request in from my vitamins and co-pays with the doctor for this year, checking out the warrantee on the Visor as it came to me with a few pixels that are looking permanently black in the upper left corner, and trying to do a hotsync between the visor and our machine. We'd never used the USB ports before, so I was unsurprised when my first attempts at installing and trying it didn't work. I hunted through the system stuff for USB drivers, but there weren't any, so I suspected that there had to be a way to turn them on, but didn't know what it would be. John was on the phone, but when he was done, he came up and handed me the phone to talk with sister-in-law Cathie for a while. That was fun. John found out that the BIOS still had the USB ports disabled, so he just enabled 'em and Windows 98 asked for some drivers, which it installed happily. It took another reboot to get everything set up right and then the hot synch worked perfectly.

It's so fast, I was amazed. And then there was a whole 'nother copy of all the data I'd painstakingly entered into the Visor! Yay! So it should be easy to type or even dictate addresses and/or other stuff into the desktop on my PC and then get that data into my Visor. That's cool. I downloaded a few books from the Web, I'll get to see if I can actually put them on my Visor to read! That should be cool. It's good just to know that the mechanism is now in place and works.

Amazing what one can get done when there's a to do list that is explicit. With all that done, we went back downstairs and played some Crash Bash. It isn't nearly as sophisticated or complex as the other games, mostly arcade games dressed up and made a bit more difficult with the characters we already knew. But it was fun to be able to play together against the machine! That was really fun and got me giggling a lot, even though I think I severely abused my hands. While not typing might not fix the swelling, I don't really think that abusing my hands is going to have no affect at all on them. It was 11 by the time we actually went to bed.

I think that the exercise really helped. I slept, I dreamed a little bit, and I had no problems getting back to sleep after my every two hour wake up call of my bladder. Most of the dreams had to do with games, so I think that my brain is getting re-wired and re-routed by the gaming, which is good. No more depression things. Just various contests from the game itself plus, in the end a kind of cooking competition. I can see why many people don't remember their dreams, they're easy to forget even in just the actions it takes to turn on a light; but when I root around in my tired brain for a little bit, I can usually get what I was just dreaming, even if it was just one line and write that down. The more I do it, the better I'm getting at remembering things, fixing them a little before I even move to get up and then writing them down.

So I now have dream accounts for just about every night since the new year. We'll see if I can keep this up, if the Fish will let me have the time to write when I get up for him. Or if I can just figure out how to write while breastfeeding. That'll be a cool trick.

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