Liralen's Adventure Through Life
January 2001
  1: Fallen Angel Food Cake
  2: Build Up
  3: Small Steps Up
  4: Progress on All Fronts
  5: TGIF
  6: Having Too Much Fun
  7: Gaming and Boiling Pots
  8: Fish Check and Hot Sync
  9: Unhappy Hands and Disagreements
10: Four Pack Day
11: Jury Duty, Kung-Fu Teas, and Books
12: Large Coffee and New Site
13: Rubber Baby Buggy Tires and Baby Shower
14: Putzy Sunday
15: 80% Effaced
16: Snow and Braxton-Hicks
17: On My Own in the Evening
18: Massage
19: Cheesesteak
20: Local Adventures
21: From Scratch
22: Zero Position
23: Tired
24: Quiet Night
25: More Practice
26: Not Yet
27: Tasty Things
28: Geek Nature
29: Fish Check, Rewards, Interview, and Blankets
30: Not Good For Myself
31: Home Asleep

Most of this month was practice for labor, I think. It seemed to start with that and then end with the expectation that I was going to give birth, sometime 'soon'. In the middle was a delightful baby shower, and this last month of the pregnancy really is the hardest.

I did manage to distract myself some with the Handspring Visor my Dad gave me, which has proven very fun and useful. Also John's managed to figure out ways to distract me as we go along. Those have helped.

While I'd been prepared for all new parents to really have sleep deprivation, but very few people had really indicated or emphasized that the mom in the last month has a lot of reason to lose sleep. So while most of the folks I'd talked to (admittedly 90% of the people I talk to are guys) had said that one should catch up on sleep before the birth, none of them had mentioned that for the mom, it's nearly impossible.

So I'm battling all the temporary aches and pains and new things that are happening just for this last stretch. Everything from emotional messes to swollen hands, from figuring out how to let go of work to getting something done anyway, from all the extra weight to lots of practice contractions. It's all pointing towards 'soon'...

Just how soon is anyone's guess.

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