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January 10, 2001
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Four Pack Day

Went through four ice packs today and it still didn't really help. But it's not like I'll stop working, just take more breaks and stay away from the PlayStation...

Had to get up early as John wanted to go out to Fort Lupton to get the Baby Buggy's plates. Was very sleepy and just huddled in the car, listening to NPR and getting my wrist iced. Hard to sleep when one has ice on a limb. Had numb fingers in my right hand, which was why I was icing.

He was quick. They were actually open at 7:30, and no one else was there. So he was in and out pretty quickly with the shiny, new plates. We then went to the Wagon Wheel for breakfast, the place with the good, thick smoky bacon. I had French Toast and a couple slices of bacon and asked that they just not give me the eggs that went with the combo. The French Toast was thick and chewy and nice and one bacon slice was perfect, the other a bit too overcooked and dry in the middle, so I just ate the good bits. Had a large glass of orange juice and the citrus felt very good. They actually discounted my meal for not having the eggs! That was very nice.

On the way into work, I fell asleep in the car, and had a full thirty minute nap while John drove. I needed it.

I'm waking up at 1, 3, and 5 every night. Sometimes I get up at 11 if I went to sleep early, sometimes I get up at 7 if I get to sleep late, otherwise I just get up then and do whatever. My dreams are mildly incoherent for most of the first two or three wakeups, but that last REM period seems to come up with some far more interesting stuff.

Work was work. We had lunch at Efrain's II, and everyone enjoyed their meal and a few folks were talking about getting a bucket of beers and just not going back. We seem to be back in a more frustrating part of the cycle. I had a Mexican Coke, made with real sugar and caffeine and the Fish was rolling about happily on both. I got a taco plate, with beans and rice and happily ate all the beans and the taco. I seem to want refried beans. John only had a taco, because he'd has the huevos rancheros for breakfast and it had been a pretty big meal. The weather outside was just gorgeous, high 50's and brilliantly sunny. Nearly no one wanted to go back.

John came by early in the evening and we left around 4 and headed north to Longmont, as we wanted to check out a health clinic up there. Research into Pediatricians. We've looked a the Boulder ones and interviewed a few in the clinic we're in. We also will probably look into a Louisville center down south of our house as the Lindermans really like their doctor. So we drove there to find it and then just got out of the car and walked in to see what it was like. It's right opposite the Longmont Hospital, so would have access to all those facilities. It's clean, quiet, well kept up, neatly setup and growing. There's construction going on. The Pediatrics area was brightly lit, easy to access, and the front desk folks were very busy but also very friendly. There weren't that many toys in the waiting room, but lots of very happy kids playing around. Probably good about the toys, when I think about it, as they could easily spread illnesses.

Turns out that they don't have separate waiting rooms for 'sick' kids (I always wondered what parent would actually *go* to the 'sick' waiting room, even the sick kids don't want to get more sick) and, instead, have the far more useful time periods set aside for well visits versus seeing sick kids. They only have well kids in the waiting room at the same time. Much better.

It was very nice to just see it all there. Nicer to have very friendly people to ask questions of as well. All the checkin desks were visible and attainable from the main lobby area, so we could ask anyone just about anything, rather than the warren of possible departments that we'd never have seen at Boulder.

We went home the back way and found ourselves right near the Hamiltons' house. They have a Safeway right there, so we dropped in to do a little grocery shopping. Got stuff for enchiladas, to make it an all-Mexican day. Also found Classic Coke in eight ounce bottles, and I really like the smaller serving sizes, as I can use the bottles again when I do experimental soft drink making. We went home along County Line Road, which is just a beautiful country drive that was just gorgeous at sunset. There was nearly no traffic going our way, which was very nice, indeed.

Once home, I found that we had two packages. The first was my Penzey's order come home to roost, the second was a box of my last Amazon orders. Both come at the same time! Made the chicken enchiladas with a green chili sauce, which John loved. I ate one as I was still pretty full from lunch, and then I ate a navel orange as well. Gotta have that fiber and fruit. I learned my lesson and didn't play any PlayStation games, instead, I watched Alton Brown make pizza. That was fun.

Then, since the Penzey's box had come with more cream of tarter and a bottle of vanilla which were both things that I'd run out of with the last angel food cake, I decided to try and make another angel food cake. I went through the whole thing again, this time cutting the egg whites to eight, cutting the sugar by two heaping tablespoons, and upping the temperature by 25 degrees. I, sadly, smelled the caramelization scent of the peeled away outer layer 30 minutes into the bake time, and, sure enough, it had peeled away from the edges and the center column and had lost some volume. The question was how much volume and was what was left condensed too much?

No finding out until tomorrow, as it had to cool upside-down and balanced on a bottle.

While I was waiting, I talked with John some. Someone once told me that I only wanted to surround myself with people that agree with me, and I never really answered as it was obvious that they'd already formed their opinion and weren't going to be swayed from it by anything I could say. Which, perhaps, is why I always had problems with them when I disagreed with them, as I don't mind disagreeing with people if they actually don't dismiss me along with it.

I am very happy to agree with someone to disagree. I have many Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Baptist, and even UCC friends that I disagree with on matters of faith, but I and they both understand that the other party has their own reasons for what they do believe in and, most importantly, we don't belittle or dismiss the other for having those beliefs and reasons. If someone understands that their stance is simply a matter of bias and belief and have their own reasons that they know others might not share, I'm perfectly happy to discuss differences and even the disagreement itself. I'm very happy to discuss the merits of vi and emacs or Unix and Windows with people that understand that someone else with a different personality or needs would have a need or desire for the other application. I can't discuss it with someone that thinks that everyone that uses the other is stupid and should 'know better'.

For me that's the red flag. Anyone that dismisses anyone that disagrees with them as 'blind' or 'stupid' is the one that is truly blind, because they've blinded themselves.

Yeah, I know. I've just called nearly every flamer in all of Usenet blind. <grin>

John and I, when we do disagree we talk about it without dismissing the other. Actually asking and talking through the reasons each has had to make the decision that they've made, leaving the door open to actually really hear what the other has. What the fears are, the needs are, and what the data really is that the other has gathered and if it's anecdotal or actually statistically significant. Beliefs and data, thought and everything, and I think that that is why, when we're done, we're mostly back in agreement again, as we both see whatever it is in the same light again.

It's interesting, as I know that I disagree with many of my friends about many things, as we're all individuals with different views, different experiences, and different reasons and I expect that. It's just when someone tries to impose their difference on me, to tell me that they know better for me than I do that I blow up.


Anyway... I didn't play PlayStation. I did notice that my feet were so swollen that I couldn't see my ankle bones. Not that that bothered me much. Okay, it's uncomfortable, a bit, and would be alarming if I didn't know that they were supposed to do that. But it's not like it limits their functioning the way that the hand swelling limits my hands. I had so little grip strength today that I had to have John start the unpeeling of my navel orange. Grumble. The feet did hurt a bit more as I stood to wash all the dishes while John put away things for the cleaning ladies tomorrow. It was a nice, little chore that just felt good to do and get done eventhough it did make my hands hurt a little.

It's been a month without Fezzik. I still miss him, but time is easing the ache of it all. This coming weekend, I'll get to see Boris and Forden and it'll be odd, but probably good. Good to hug a furry canine again. It's almost a good thing, in some ways, as I don't think I could have coped with having to take care of him in the shape I am now in.

Sleep was easy enough, even without exercising today. Maybe the walk around the clinic did it for me.

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