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January 18, 2001
two years ago
three years ago


John looked like the living dead in the morning, but he was cheerful and cut grapefruit for breakfast as the grapefruit spoons were all dirty and we hadn't run the dishwasher yet. He even drove us in and he got out at the hotel they're having the off-site at. I needed the car, today, as I had my massage appointment, and so I drove back to work.

I needed the massage. Badly. Everything is aching and Michele was very sympathetic, as in the last month, she'd really noticed that massages made a difference. I also told her about the lack of sleep and she said it'd be fine if I fell asleep. She really worked my right arm a lot, and by the time she was done, I could feel the tip of my middle finger again for the first time in at least a week. When she got me on my left side I did, indeed, fall asleep. Woke myself up with a snore and grinned to myself for doing that. She noticed the grin and we did a bit of mildly more active stretching that eased stuff I hadn't even known hurt.

My legs were surprisingly achy. I guess with all that extra weight they're having to cope by building muscle. I'm pretty amazed at how much quadriceps the right leg has, now, after all that time while I was trying to build it up after the knee surgery, it's now actually built up. There's enough muscle now to just about match the left and all there is was pretty sore.

The belly massage was greeted enthusiastically by the Fish, which wiggled and squiggled and even turned a bit while she was rubbing. He really, really likes it, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how much he likes getting a massage when he's out. It's funny feeling him that active in the morning, normally he's a slug like me in the morning, but he was really wiggling happily with the touch. It's very interesting realizing just how much of my body space is now taken up by what is obviously 'something else'. It's the oddest feeling having what is essentially a big pouch of 'otherness' within my body and knowing that I can't feel within it. I can feel around the boundaries of it, and I can feel when he pushes against the boundaries, but it's a space within me that is very definitely not me.

It's funny.

I went back to work and ate a chicken pot pie. I'm likely going to have to get the little ones from now on as it's only with this hunger that I can eat the Hungry Man sized pies. My right middle finger went back to being tingly after just the drive from massage to work. Three hours of meetings didn't make it much worse, though, and after that I worked for a while until John called.

John was walking from the Outback to the main building. He'd gone there with a co-worker to see another one, and she dropped him off there, and it's just a three block walk. He was enjoying the snow, sunshine and warmth outside in his shorts and parka and he had a great time burbling to me over the celphone. It was actually very cool.

When he did get back, he was looking exhausted but happy. We went home and I made dinner while he watched TV. When he'd eaten, he pretty much fell asleep in front of the TV, snoring gently. I eventually woke him up and pushed him off to bed. He went to sleep upstairs in the guest bedroom, which was very good as all my puttering about downstairs didn't bother him in the least. I read some of John M. Ford's The Last Hot Time, which seems to be and adult oriented novel set in something that very much resembles Borderlands. I've always loved all his writing, and this was nice. I did, however, stop at 10 p.m. as I was still tired from last night, and I drew a bath, dumped lots of salt in to help with the aching muscles that had been loosened by the morning massage, and settled in.

The Fish was uncharacteristically quiet while I was in the tub. I guess his early morning wake up tired him out. He wiggled a little bit, rippling the water, but none of the startling shifts of my entire skin surface.

I drank a lot of water while I was in the tub, both to counter the dehydration from the massage and from the bath itself. When I went to sleep, it was deep, restful sleep. I still got up every two hours, but I think that I'm actually getting used to it. Michele note that I have, now, nearly 40% more liquid in my body than normal, and all of that has to get circulated, changed out if I want to feel good as it will accumulate muscle fatigue acids if I don't circulate it by drinking a lot of water and exercising. All the trips at night are probably why all the swelling goes down at night, as all the liquid that was in my feet finally finds a way out.

I guess one can get used to just about anything. I actually had a relatively pleasant night.

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