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January 19, 2001
two years ago
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Mostly did cleanup today. Called the people I had to call for baby stuff and generally got through what work stuff I could get my brain around, which wasn't all that much. By lunch time I really wanted a cheese-steak sandwich and when everyone gathered to go out to lunch together and didn't know what they wanted to go to, I said I really wanted a cheesesteak. John objected mildly, saying, "It's in a *mall*." No one else really minded, so that's where we went.

John has a bad head cold, it looks like. His brain is all fuzzy, too, so he went along with everyone for lunch. Everyone else seems to have a really sore throat and most of the building is filled with various sick people. The newspaper is filled with news of the flu. Boss Bill sounds really awful, gravel voice and lots of coughing and sneezing and he's likely to get checked for strep today. Cary's been hacking for a while. I am very, very glad I got my flu shot. I don't seem to be sick at all, which is very useful. I think it's the vitamins, 'cause it really can't be the sleep, 'cause I'm just catching up again. It's nice, though, not to be sick when everyone else is.

We all went to Crossroads Mall and to the nice little grill and we all had cheesesteak sandwiches, some with chips, some with fries, but everyone really enjoyed their sandwiches. I may have to go there, sometime, to get a real sub or toasted hero; but I enjoy their cheesesteak so much it seems a shame not to get that when I'm there. It was tender, juicy, happily redolent with onions and the roll was toasted perfectly. So I happily ate and found that everyone liked what they'd gotten as well, which was pleasing.

I think I'm on a steak streak as, for dinner, I made rice and then stir-fried thinly sliced flank steak and onions and also heated some tomato soup for John's cold. It was going to be corn soup but we were completely out of creamed corn. John slept a lot while I watched TV, thought about what I wanted to do tomorrow, and read.

We had a very quiet night and I actually slept pretty well by myself.

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