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January 1, 2002
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First Day

9:26 pm: It's been a mildly strange first day to the new year. Good in many ways, so that might be a good sign for a coming year. Last year's first day was pretty good and that year turned out well.

Jet had a good day. He got up rather early and played hard all morning. He was up at 5, but John got him back to sleep a bit after 6, after I'd changed and fed Jet. But Jet got up for good at 7, and John was great and stayed up with him. I tried to sleep, but woke up at 8 when Walt and Cathie got upstairs from the basement. They had breakfast with us and were rolling at 9.

Cathie had a long good-bye with a very bouncy, happy, and totally cheerful Jet. Jet was happy as anything and was quite willing to show Cathie that part of his personality. He was chirping, bouncing, and he even kissed her chin while she was holding him. He didn't hit or grab or anything, just grinning and bouncing a lot. So it took a while for her to say good-bye.

They had to get going so that they could get home before it was dark. There was a thin film of snow and ice everywhere. It had snowed last night, just lightly. There was barely an inch of snow on the ground, but it was grey and bitter cold. In the single digits when we got up, only in the teens for much of the morning. John was great and took Jet while I went back to bed after Cathie and Walt left. I got another hour in and needed it badly.

When I got up, I played with and nursed Jet at various times. He was having a blast, and just playing with everything. His eyes were getting a bit baggy, but when I nursed him at 11 he didn't fall asleep. So we played a lot more, and he got into everything, happily. He really is easily amused which is a very good thing in a small child. He really enjoys studying everything and anything he really gets interested in in great detail. Jet has a great attention span.

At quarter to 1, I nursed him again and it was only in the last ten minutes that he fell asleep. I got ten minutes to eat my lunch of leftover mole sauce and some of the roast chicken from the other night and then I drove over to CeLena's house and got an hour and a half massage. That was very useful indeed. It was really nice that CeLena didn't have to rush anything and she really worked over a lot of sore areas. The skiing yesterday didn't help my knees any.

When I got back home, Jet was asleep in John's arms. He'd only woken up at 3, and gone back to sleep for a while when they watched football together. So I got to take a bath as well. It was a very nice, very long bath with lots and lots of bubbles. I am very, very glad of Carl's gift of bubble baths.

When I got out Jet was happily bopping about and when he saw me he came over and played a while. Eventually, he came to me, reached up to be picked up and when I picked him up and put him in my lap he threw himself sideways, repeatedly until I had him in my arms the way I usually do for nursing, and he started making his sound for, "I want to nurse but this stupid shirt is in the way." So we nursed. He also got a little solids into him as well.

I think that's the first time he's actually done that and I've gotten what it is he wanted and we did it together.

Dinner was crab cakes. I had a can of crab meat, pasteurized Indonesian crab meat that was all back fin, i.e. the first section of the interior. I like interior meats better than claw meats on crabs. It just seems sweeter and more tender. Since it was canned, however, I didn't mind adding some seasonings and extras to the cakes. A bit of sweet red pepper, sauteed red onion, Old Bay seasoning, a few drops of Tabasco for kick, parsley, a couple eggs to bind them and a bunch of oatnut bread crumb to bring it all together. I also covered them with a bit of crumb to make them crisp on the outside and let them chill for a good half an hour before cooking them.

They came out delicious. I hadn't put all that much bread crumb into them so they seemed almost solid crab. The can of crab was about twelve dollars, and they were the biggest expense item for the cakes, and we got a good ten of them, which was plenty for two meals for the two of us, so they were cheap compared to any restaurant or even prepared crab cakes. I was happy with how they turned out, finally. I have always had some problem with how the crab cakes I made turned out, but this time I finally had enough experience with them to really like how they turned out.

The evening was mostly football and then we got to give Jet a bath. He was getting crankier and crankier and had finally fallen asleep with John bouncing him while I spoke on the phone with Brandon.. Brandon and I haven't talked or at least a year, and it was just kind of cool to hear his voice and hear that he was doing well. He seemed to like hearing about how we were doing as well. I'm glad he and his girlfriend are doing well and he has a bunch of life things on the burners now. Lots of things to do and figure out. That's good.

Jet loved his bath. He got good and clean and then he played and splashed and wiggled and laughed and really loved chasing the pirate ship that Mom and Dad gave him around the tub. That was a lot of fun.

I am using the garlic keeper that Mom and Dad gave me and I am finally grateful that they gave me a gift that was for me and not Jet. I think that that was a cool enough thing in and of itself.

Jet usually goes to sleep pretty well after a bath, but this time he refused to go to sleep immediately after eating. John went to bed at 9, and I shooed him there, as he was really about to crash and burn. He can also use the longer time in bed quite well. I stayed up with Jet and we played for an hour before I tried again. This time he crashed as thoroughly as when John had bounced him. I'm glad. I'm tired, too, but it's been a good day and I seem to have found some knack by which I can take care of myself.

I really can't change or decide anything about how other people act, but I can set my expectations to get my emotions to be what I want them to be. I don't have to be disappointed by people if I don't hold unrealistic expectations for them, and I can be really glad of people if I really look at how they've done given who and what they really are rather than what I would like them to be. People should act the way they act because that is simply who and what they are. I can accept that and be happier or try and 'should' myself into misery.

They are what they are and I should be glad of that.

I got to talk with my Mom and wish her happy birthday and happy new year all in one, as usual. She sounded happy and she'd had lunch with Kathy and had had fun with that. I did tell her that her present would be late and she didn't seem to mind. I can hope that she is simply happy that I got her anything at all, given everything else that's been going on with my life.

Brandon had an interesting observation that his parents, after nearly a decade of not seeing him in their home for the holidays, were totally pleased that he went to their house these holidays for the first time in a very long time. I am really glad for him. That's just cool.

Ah well. Sleep is good and necessary, for tomorrow is a school day.

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