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January 2, 2002
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Back To Work

Today was our first day back at work, and I was very, very glad when John said that he'd go back in with me instead of driving separately. Jet went to Joan's and had a good time simply being unpeeled from his snow suit. It was in the single digits outside, so it was good to have him in something more than his blanket.

At work, everyone was in mild shock at having to go back, and no one was up to speed, yet, which was cool. We had very short meetings, and I got to work on some things at work before we all went to lunch. Singer had mentioned that he thought Chez Theuy wasn't so bad, so I decided that I wanted to have lunch there, and since they had vegetarian dishes as well, we got Bob, Supidto, Cary, and Smitha, who's a vegetarian East Indian. That was a fun crowd to go to lunch with, and we all had fun. When my bowl of pho came, everyone remarked on the sheer size of the thing, it was enormous compared to all the other lunches. I was pretty impressed.

I couldn't finish it, but I did manage to only leave a quarter inch of noodles and broth at the bottom. On the way out, I saw what the duck and egg noodle soup looked like, so I'll have to try that next time. It was good enough that while we were a few minutes late getting to Joan's, it was worth the doing. She didn't mind it, either, so that was really nice, part of it was that we'd gotten there pretty late.

We were out of practice with getting things timed right.

Jet had slept at Joan's for the two hours he normally sleeps here, 11-1, so we had a very hectic afternoon since he didn't nap at all while I had my 2-3 meeting. John took care of him. This meeting didn't go short as people were getting into the hang of it, and things went along at a good clip.

So it was quite the adventurous first day back to work. I really liked the time off.

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