Liralen's Adventure Through Life
January 2002
  1: First Day
  2: Back To Work
  3: Steam
  4: Bye-Bye, Explorations, and Unexpected Weight Loss
  5: Errands
  6: Puttering Around The House
  7: Dental Check and Small Fears
  8: The Neon Scare
  9: Swim Aerobics
10: Craving Chinese Food
11: Trying To Avoid Blahsville
12: Beef Wellington
13: Jet Goes Swimming
14: Fixing The Teeth
15: Bad Scare and Unequal Opportunities
16: Another Good Workout
17: Hamster Ball and Swanky Frank Jr.'s
18: Positives Are Useful
19: Walking, Errands, and Football
20: There *IS* Good Chinese Food In Denver!
21: Monday Blues
22: Getting Ready For The Trip
23: Getting to San Diego
24: Zoo and Eating Out
25: Jet's Birthday, Observed
26: Dim Sum With The Higginses and Great Dinner At Home
27: Jet On The Beach
28: I Get To Cook!
29: Home Again, Home Again
30: Swimming Again
31: Catching Up

A very busy beginning to the new year. It started with me actively trying to get my teeth to be better, ever since Halloween of last year, I've been battling my aching teeth, and with Dr. Davis, it finally seems possible.

Joan and I also start to do water aerobics after I find, to my surprise, that I actually dropped five pounds over the holidays. I don't know how I did it, but it seems a good thing to continue the trend and do something, actively, to help me get into better shape.

Mei and Bob find, for us, a place we didn't think existed, and after several weeks of craving good Chinese food, we actually get to go to the seafood restaurant they'd found in Denver. We find that it is utterly excellent, with good prices (especially at lunch time, hoorah!), lots of people, great food, and we'll have to go back there again!

We finish the month off with a trip to San Diego, where Mom, Dad, and Kathy get to interact with the now-mobile Jet, who still flies exceptionally well, especially on the way home. This time he actually *looked* at the animals at the zoo! Hoorah! And they got to celebrate the first of Jet's observed birthdays, and gave him his very first cake!

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