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January 6, 2002
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Puttering Around the House

7:11 pm: Jet stood up for a count of ten with John, today. They were downstairs and John had ridden the exercise bike, and Jet was standing at a table with one hand on the table, the other was holding a cracker. Jet decided to hold the cracker with both hands to eat it and he just stood there, eating, for quite a while before he realized that he wasn't holding onto anything. He promptly fell onto his butt.

Jet also decided to bite my nose today. I was just holding him, upstairs, while I was working on journal stuff and reading other things. I think some of it was that my attention was elsewhere, and some of it was that my nose was close to the level of his mouth, but whatever the setup, he decided to reach over and he bit my nose. He didn't get quite the reaction that he got from John, but I did end up laughing. Jet laughed with me.

Jet has been biting everything, so I really shouldn't take it personally. Friday Joan gave him a cracker and it calmed him when I was trying to get him into his car seat and he took tiny, neat bites out of every protruding edge. He'd eat the bite, then take another tiny bite, and Joan remarked on how neatly he was eating and said that the precision was an engineering trait. I thought that was kind of cool, but cooler yet was Jet's obvious joy in just being able to *bite* the cracker and get the pieces he wanted off it.

I slept in this morning because we hadn't been able to yesterday. I'm probably going to go to sleep early tonight. I think that I'm tired because of a lack of exercise, now, combined with some extraordinarily cold and dry nights. My eyes and nose are just unhappy.

Breakfast was a huge batch of oatmeal, a soft-boiled egg, and half the pommelo that Singer bought us over the break. Jet followed me into the kitchen and wailed at me as I started trying to peel the fruit, so I sat down on the kitchen floor and he watched with great interest as I peeled the thick rind off the fruit. The size of the inner pulp was about the size of a very large grapefruit, the white pith was nearly an inch thick under a green skin. It looks like a green grapefruit on steroids, but when we peeled away the thick skin, it showed the smaller pulp area.

Jet kept trying to bit pieces of peel, but I took them away from him when he did that. So he looked, smelled and held the pieces happily while I finished the job on the fruit. I split it open and gave half to John and half to me, each on their own plates. Jet followed me over to the diningroom table and pulled up on my chair and pulled on my leg until I put him in my lap. He helped me pull the skin off the giant sections and he grabbed a handful of pulp to eat it.

The pulp of the pommelo was sweeter than a grapefruit, more tangy than and orange, and firmer and harder than either. The skin between the sections was really thick and tough, so it was fairly easy to peel away from the pulp. It was very good. A very fine beginning to our breakfast. The oatmeal and egg were good too.

John then went outside to try and fix the Passat door again, and change the fuel filter. The Passat is hitting 100,000 miles and doing it fairly well, but there is a bunch of maintenance that has to be done. I had fun taking care of Jet, first nursing him and then putting him down for a nap. He only slept for twenty minutes before waking up. I bounced him gently until he went back to sleep and he stayed asleep, the second time, for about forty minutes. So he only had an hour-long nap today, we'll see what that actually means for tonight.

Jet's eating well today, entire jars of food at each meal, rather than the partial jars of the last couple of weeks. We'll see what that means. I really should just enter the last several months' worth of data on his eating, napping, and sleeping habits and see if there's any correlation between them. With that much data there might actually be something meaningful we can pull from it.

Jet's making absolutely sure we bath him tonight. He's smearing food all over the top of his head.

I spent most of the afternoon updating this journal. Getting 2001 put away neatly and starting 2002. I'm really glad of the way I've organized it, so that it's really easy to just wrap things up and get them settled. I should probably tar up July-December of 2001 and add them to the tar I have of everything else in my backup area on my home machine. That would finish it.

I got to spend a little time emailing people that I don't usually write. It was fun to comment on Trip's journal and contemplate how he's doing with a little leisure.

Jet spent that time wandering about the upstairs. He had fun travelling between the office and his room, exploring the bathroom, and then watching John make lunch from above. He really loved being able to see John down there and he talked to John the whole time John was on the phone with his brother Dave and his niece and nephew. They'd gotten the house warming gift we bought them and they were calling to thank him for it.

Lunch was half a can of chili, some cheddar, a handful of Fritos (Jet got one and he munched away at it, teeth actually crunching through the crisp chip), a can of lemon-lime seltzer, and a chocolate chip cookie. The cookies have gotten better with a little storage. I really like my CCC's to be chewy and soft with crisp edges and studded with the thumb-sized bittersweet chips from Bernard C. The pecans that Shirley's recipe called for added another dimension to the cookies and I really enjoyed them. I might actually buy the pecan gravel from King Arthur flour because chopping the nuts is an extra step that dirties yet more implements of cookie making. And if I'm not going to peel my own, I might as well go all the way to pre-chopped for my pecan sweet rolls as well as these cookies.

I was glad that the cookies had turned out really yummy.

After John and Jet were done with the exercise bike, they came up and Jet wanted to nurse, so I did that and Jet went to sleep for just ten minutes. John went upstairs and got all the boxes for the Christmas tree, and when Jet woke up, he joined us in taking down the tree. The difference in Jet's physical abilities between now and when we put the tree up are remarkable. Today, he was standing against the couch to see all the boxes, and try to pull the glass globes out of their box. Today he tackled the tree top and tugged at all the branches to get them to bend out again. He pulled himself up the side of the tree box to peer in at the branches and pieces, and he chased the vacuum cleaner around as we made sure all the plastic needles were cleaned up.

When we were putting the tree up, Jet couldn't stand very steadily, yet, he was learning to use the table to pull himself up. He had just gotten the crawling thing down solid. So the difference was pretty amazing against the memory of when we put the tree up.

Dinner was the last of the taco salad that John had made last week. It was crisp and yummy and used up the last of the taco salad meat that had been made from the leftovers of the roast chicken. So that set of leftovers is done. Yay!

I called Joan to agree to doing Wednesdays. I need the exercise and the motivation and I wanted to know what her plan was for the trip, so we'll drive there, change, do the exercises, dry off, change, and go home. No need to bring showering stuff. That's good to know. Tomorrow I have my dentist appointment, and we'll see how that works out.

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