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January 5, 2002
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We had to get the DVD we rented while Cathie and Walt were here back to Safeway this morning, so we did all our errands first thing in the morning. I'd fed Jet at 2 and when he got up at 6:30a, and I'd gone back to sleep at 7, and tried to get up at 8, so we wouldn't be too late getting out. I made oatmeal for myself while John finished off the smoked salmon on a bagel. Jet wolfed down jarred food happily.

We got out the door with grocery bags, coupons, all the lists in my Visor, Jet's diaper bag, and all of us. The first thing was dropping off the DVD and then we took off straight south on 287, and found a pretty quick way to Babies R' Us. There were various things we wanted to get. One of the things I thought I wanted was another two panels for the play pen, so that there would be more room for Jet to roam, but there still wouldn't be any danger of him getting to the computer cords.

We found, instead, that a safety gate was only twenty bucks. The old gate we'd found in the garage was one of those umbrella gates that are kind of dangerous and I hadn't really trusted it that much. Getting a new gate, however, meant that I could just put that in place and have Jet roam the whole upstairs. I could move the portable panels so that they cut off access to any of the cords and then let Jet roam the whole of the upstairs! A much better solution and cheaper to boot. It gave him more independence and more interesting things to explore. All pluses.

I also got him a set of bowls that could be suction cupped to a surface. Jet's going to have to feed himself eventually, and this seemed a good start. I also found some of those spoons with holes through the bowl that set up more surface area for food and liquids to cling to. The spoons also had handles that were bent so that Jet could hold them and aim them at his mouth more readily than straight-handled spoons. I got those as well. Jet was fascinated by them.

So it was a good adventure. With his birthday coming up soon, we didn't get any toys. I still can't believe he's almost a year old. It just seems impossible.

From there we headed back to the Safeway, on the way Jet fell asleep, so we made a stop at a Java Java that was only a block from our usual grocery store. It is another chain, but they have some intriguing offerings that kind of do what the combination of a Starbucks and a Jamba Juice do. All in one store. The barista in the Java Java knew his stuff and did good work. I liked that. Given that more and more Starbucks are replacing their espresso machines with the pod machines, I'm glad to find that the other chains haven't followed that lead.

I have always respected the artistry of a good barrista, and eventhough they were a chain, I'd always been glad to talk with a barrista about the magic they could do with steam and grounds. It was fun in Pittsburgh to find a barrista who was glad to talk with someone that seemed to know their coffee. Their training and work was something I was glad of. Now the company seems to be taking that away. Sure it's cheaper to not have to train the help, and they probably will be able to pay the pod people less to just flip a switch on a machine. It loses the artistry and makes them even more like McDonalds, and I find that mildly sad.

So I'm glad there's a Java Java with a real barrista working with the steam. They also had the real caramel sauce, and they did a nice mocha with Giradelli dark chocolate. I liked my caramel latte a lot, and John liked his mocha. Yay!

We then drove over to the Safeway and pulled Jet, sleeping in his seat, from the car, and tucked the seat into the grocery cart. Jet slept through the first half of the store, woke up for the second half and then got his diaper changed while we checked out. We stocked up around him, and it was fun.

Home again home again, and I took Jet while John worked on the car to try and fix the lock. On Thursday, when I went to pick Jet up, the driver's door refused to latch. So John got it to latch. He also did a few other things as well. Then he took Jet while I worked on email, including another reply to Kathy, and my journal. I finished up December and left the rest for tomorrow, because John wanted to go to the Outback for dinner.

I really liked the ability to call ahead.

We got there and only stood around a little bit before getting a table. Jet was really happy and drank water from a straw, ate bread, and munched on the crayons they gave him. There were three, and I was amazed to see little notches in all of them. Jet's really using his teeth, now, and he really enjoyed gnawing on the soft but firm texture of the crayons. I figure they're harmless with all the kids I've heard who ate them.

I really enjoyed my dinner. I remembered to ask for my dressing on the side of my house salad. The prime rib was exactly right. The dish of raw horseradish brought tears to my eyes, and the side of sauteed mushrooms were tender and tasty. I also just got to talk with John for a while. It was fun to just bounce things off him. I'm doing a lot of internal processing, lately, and it's been good to have John to talk with about a bunch of it.

Home again, home again, and Jet was exhausted and actually went to sleep while eating and stayed mostly that way on the way upstairs. I watched pieces of The Mummy yet again. I think we saw it twice, last night, while I was doing cookies. It got into my dreams last night, which was fun.

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