January 23, 1998


Came in through the loading dock today, and had most of third floor staring at both John and I as I swung down the hallways and John carried our mochas. Turns out that since the third floor is the manufacturing floor, they don't allow people with drinks there. So... we were breaking that rule, but we didn't go over the warning lines into the static sensative areas. Kinda wish there was another way in that was even possible with crutches, but that's it.

Heh. At least Data I/O has an elevator and it's possible. The new building doesn't even have an elevator, I'm going to have to be able to go up two flights of stairs before the beginning of March. Luckily, that looks possible. What looks even better is that nearly all of engineering will have offices of one type or another, so I might be able to have an enclosed office where I'm not going to bother anyone with my dictating to my machine. Or swearing at it.

Swinging along on crutches takes a fine kind of balance, and it's somewhat disconcerting sometimes, as the balance point is in the wrong or sometimes in odd places if you're not moving. Movement works. Standing still doesn't work so well. Steps don't work at all. Yeesh. I'm going to either have to work on it or something. I have my purse at work today for hauling a few things around when I do have to get somewhere, and worst case, I'm having to go one crutch in order to have a hand to hold something that can't just be folded up and stuck in a pocket or something.

Bob was cool and helped me out big time by getting my expense report downstairs to accounting, as she'd moved in the last week. Yeesh. I had started out on one crutch, and it would have been a long and hard journey.

The darned thing has swollen just a bit more today and is still pretty stiff but better than before in some ways... There's some hope of healing. Someone on Lirakin was going through ACL surgery, and was fairly nonchalant about it. I will see.

My boss, Dan, has had the problem before himself, and elected not to do the surgery and is getting along okay most of the time, though when running he sometimes feels it give in odd ways. It's likely that if I did that, I'd not play soccer again, if I actually lost the end of a ligament. Even stretching it might do that. I'll find out, I guess. It's very bad of me to come to conclusions before getting all the data, but I tend to, sometimes, especially when something scares me.

Still trying to put some weight on it, but may just give it another day or something.

At least I'm getting some stuff done around here, and that's been good to see. Also got the entries that I wrote while away and got them up here, some of them last night, some of them today. Allowing myself to backfill is something of a blessing.

Propping my leg up makes it comfortable, and I've been icing on and off all day, so that's worked, and working has been pretty easy, all in all. Yay!

Decided not to go to John's game last night, and elected to just go to bed and sleep a bit extra. And I was glad of it this morning, as I still felt tired, even after about twelve hours in bed. Seems that I don't get as much sleep when my leg starts to hurt. The pain-killers are a good thing for the middle of the night and they did fine for the hours that I took them, and I slept deeply on them, until about 4am, when I kinda woke up to Fezzik scratching himself and stayed awake until about the time that the alarm went off.

Just half snoozed and probably napped in that time, actually, as I thought of very little. No yearning, no sadness, just lying in the warm, soft dark, feeling through the aching stiffness of my knee. It's good to give up worrying. It won't do anything for the injury, it just drains me. It was good to just lie and rest and not think for a while.

Oh, yeah, the ladies at Victor's gave John hugs to give to me while he went in for the mochas and I sat in the car as it's a bit of a pain to get my stiffened leg in and out of the car. That was pretty sweet. That's been a good side to all this has been people helping me out in all kinds of ways. I'm not good at taking help, I'll admit it freely. It's just kinda interesting for me to see all kinds of people stepping in to help.

One of the funniest things is realizing that I am more inclined to laugh about it all than to cry. Though a lot of people have written and dropped by my cube to sympathize and wish me well. That's been cool. Also don't quite know what to do about it other than thank them for their well wishes. Guess I could add to the wishes and hope it all turns out for the best.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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