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January 11, 1999
a year ago

Way Too Early

The alarm went off at 5:45, and I woke up only long enough to hear John start the shower. I was fast asleep when he got out and shook me awake. We had to get him to the airport before 7 a.m. as his flight was at 8. So that's why the ungodly hour. He was all packed, and we had to wait on an anxious Fezzik to finish his breakfast before we could go, but he wouldn't eat it all. Rather, he was dancing all over the place in anxiety. I think all the luggage out reminded him of all the times he was boarded in the last month, and he just wasn't dealing well with it.

Finally, we put him out in the run with his food after I shoved an aspirin down his throat and then we went to the car and in that to the airport.

The night before Jon Singer roasted a good 10 cups worth of coffee in his own roaster, so that we'd have 'em fresh for the morning. It made quite a difference. The coffee was excellent and really strong, so I couldn't, for the life of me, sleep on the way to the airport. John got his stuff out, we hugged a lot, and then he wandered into the airport and I took off into some of the worst traffic that Seattle knows, i.e. onto North-bound 405 through the Renton S-Curves. This is the spot south of the lake, about where 900 and 169 hit 405, which is nearly always a bear. It took me a good hour and ten minutes to get back up to Redmond.

Yes. Seattle has the worst traffic in the U.S. Or at least one of the worst traffic situations, mostly because the mountains and the lakes really restrict where big roads can go that actually traverse the whole of the city. It was painful, especially as tired as I was from the early morning.

Work was straightforward now, which is very good, and I'm getting some major restructuring done as well as starting to fill in code. I often feel like coding is like coloring in the lines. You can pick your own colors, but the lines are pretty clear, once you've drawn 'em. Maybe it's like inking a comicbook, because I drew the pencil marks to begin with, or something.

Yeah, the sketch book is getting much more use, now. Had fun drawing an attitude of Fezzik's that doesn't always come across in the photographs. I want to draw a tree, with all its flaws and colors and beauties. That would be intersting. Odd to find myself thinking more visually the more visual practice I get.

The silk yarn washed up marvelously, soft, thick, heavy like gold. Durable, I think it will be, with the three ply all pretty tightly spun. So it's going into socks. Gold into socks. Coverings for the sole. <laughter>. Maybe I should start a sock shop called that. Silk for the Sole.

I stopped at Uwajamaya for lunch, as Mark had put a craving for Chinese dumplings into my head, and I had to have something. Bought dinner for tonight, too, and I'm probably going to make Chinese spaghetti with a twist in that I'm going to add eggplant with some garlic, probably, and green onion and ground pork and the sweet plum sauce along with the more normal black bean sauce. I like egg plant and I like the normal spaghetti sauce my mom used to make, which was mostly just ground pork cooked in Chinese brown sauces.

So I have frozen dim sum in the freezer for tomorrow lunch as well as packets of fresh ramen/soba noodles for noodle soup. That should be something good and with the left over slices of lamb that Singer left, should be most excellent. Maybe a bit of cabbage and pickled daikon or something as accents. Mmm... soup is good food.

Yeah, okay, I'm a child of the advertising I've absorbed.

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