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January 12, 1999
a year ago

Bachen' It

Yesterday, as I was dumping my tea leaves, Chad came up and said, "Hey, bache'in it now?"

"Yeah." I laughed, "Hadn't thought of it that way, but, yeah."

Told Eric that I was going to eat nothing but junk food, watch way too much TV, talk to the dog too much, hog the whole bed, and run around in just my underwear.

Or something like that. Having John gone on a business trip has happened enough times that I know how to work it, and it's kinda fun when I plan stuff. Tonight, I'm gonna have Regis over to watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and yesterday I had things planned from lunch time. Did jasmine rice first, then roasted the eggplant in the oven with just a light spray of olive oil. Then took the ground pork and chopped a lot of green onions, put two sauces in hot oil in a pan, added the green onions until they just started to wilt and then added the ground pork. Sizzle. Yum. Had too much for the eggplant, so I cooked it all thoroughly, pulled out most of it and then added the roasted eggplant and just a bit of water.

Uwajamaya had a gourmet style of ground pork that seemed to be coarser ground and far less fat, so it was really nice. Probably would be even nicer in something like pot stickers, so I might use the rest of it for that, sometime.

Anyway, the eggplant turned out lovely, firm textured and sweet and tender, the skin of the Chinese eggplants are very thin so they're easy to eat. I just had the one eggplant on rice with a side of the green beans that Singer had brought the day before. I just nuked 'em to heat them as I knew they were cooked, and just ate them like a Chinese side dish. That was really good. Dessert was a couple of the Bernard C. chocolates.

Then Fezzik and I went out for our walk. The night was pitch black out, and Fezzik was in a happy mood so was casting about in all directions, occasionally looming out of the darkness into the small circle of light provided by the flashlight, flashing pink tongue and white teeth and off again into the darkness. It's a good thing I know him, or he would have been scary in the dark like that. He wasn't limping at all, so that was good. I enjoyed wandering about with him, and I'd used the back of my cleaver to break up the Milkbone dog biscuits for feeding him bits and pieces along the way.

Earlier Monday morning, KISW's morning show talked extensively about the fact that Joe, one of the guys on the morning show, used to eat dog food like snacks when he was a kid, just thought it was food. Until he learned better, but he liked the Milkbones and Gravy Train. That amused me, and the fact that it brought out all these stories about folk that ate dog food for some reason or another. Mostly from curiosity. I mean Fezzik really, really likes Milkbones. He'll actually pay attention to me when I have a bit of Milkbone in my hand. And one of the radio guys was saying, "Yeah, haven't you always been just a bit curious as to why they like 'em so much?" Okay, I'll admit that there are limits to my curiosity. I didn't try one.

Sleeping alone in the bed is actually kinda nice. Sprawled everywhere, and slept nine hours to help make up for the six the night before. One thing I noted about my new toothguard is that I don't have to notice my toothguard anymore. It just protects my teeth, doesn't mess with them, and by morning, there's nothing to complain about my teeth. Good toothguard.

Got up and Fezzik looked like he really didn't want to go outside. It was raining pretty hard, not that cold out, but just soggy wet. So I lured him up to take him out to pee, and then left him in the house with the vital doors closed (as he's picked up this odd habit of going upstairs to raid the bathroom and bedroom trash cans...) and with a rawhide bone to gnaw on instead of any furniture, papers, or cabinets. He's actually pretty good about that, usually.

Then I took two tablespoons of the coffee beans that Singer had roasted for us, ground them up fine, and put them into my push pot coffee maker. Then I boiled water, then poured about 10 ounces into a measuring cup, then into the push pot glass carafe. Each time you pour boiling water into glass, it loses about ten degrees Fahrenheit, and I wanted it at about 190 from 210, so poured it into the measuring cup before pouring it into the glass carafe, taking it down twenty degrees neatly. I mixed the mass with a chop stick, let it sit for five minutes while letting Fezzik out, and then stirred it one more time before letting the plunger work.

Victor was right. Grinding it fine really does make a difference to the taste of the coffee. I only had about a cup of finished coffee, which was perfect for my morning. And I sipped it all the way to work. Yum.

Work's cool. Diagrams are useful, and the coloring goes well. <grin> Yeah, I'm being somewhat vague about what's going on specifically at work mostly because things are vague and I'm actually in a domain, now, where it matters what gets out about what we do. So I'm likely going to be speaking less and less specifically about work so much. More the moods and thoughts and such. John and Dan went to Boulder to figure out what we're going to do with what we have with the top brass of the software folks. It'll probably get more interesting when they get back.

Nice thing is that there are lots of users of the Xilinx software around here now, and we can talk with them and ask them what they want, what they think, and what they would like to see in future products and then we have something to shoot for. That'll be cool and interesting. Engineering to actual customer desires. Fun.

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