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January 13, 1999
a year ago

Regis and Buffy

So I picked up 'meat candy' from Toshi's last night, John, Regis and I call the teriyaki short ribs from them that because they're very much meat candy. Sweet, thin, and usually nicely crisp along the edges from good, old-fashioned grilling until they're caramelized and a little crunchy. Fezzik was already in the house, waiting for me, and I let him out to see if he wanted to do anything, but he just wanted petting, so I gave him plenty of that.

Regis arrived about ten minutes later, and we sat down and ate happily. I put together a batch of Ghirardelli brownies while we waited for Buffy and they baked while the show was on.

Okay, without spoilers, or at least anything more than was on the teasers for the episode... I really hate Buffy's mom. I now hate her even more. Much more. And, okay, maybe she's supposed to be a typical mom, but it really, really got my goat. What was even worse was her infecting Willow's mom. Or maybe it's just that all the moms have to be parodies of teenage moms or something. It really bothered me, is all. Sure, moms don't usually understand teenage girls, and it's the typical age when teenage girls are trying to establish their identities separate from their mothers, but to go that far? That kinda bothers me, even with the supposed excuse of demonic intervention of some sort or another from the Hellmouth kinds of things that go on.

Though. I dunno. I guess a mother that was insecure could and maybe even would deliberately put down a girl-child that she felt she was losing control over. I know my mom did, early on, but then figured things out, remembered her mom and stopped doing shit like that. She learned, though. I don't see why Buffy's mom can't seem to *learn*.

Anyway. That's my rant about the episode.

Which kinda points out that the rest of the series and characters are so good that that's my one complete dislike of the series. Buffy's mom just sucks rocks. Everyone else is cool. Or, at least, more realistic.

It was fun to watch it with Regis, as she reacts the way I do to stupidity and to fun things. That was cool. Afterwards, I left her with The Usual Suspects which was playing on USA, and took Fezzik for a walk.

The day had been rainy, sloppy, but by the time I stepped outside, it was clear and cold and the moonless sky was shining with stars. Fezzik was feeling pretty good from the aspirin I slipped him with his dinner, so was bounding all over the place. He took off down the dirt road paralleling the development, and it took me a while to find him in the dark. He was happy and panting like crazy from his wild-assed run. He loves running, and it's funny to watch him. I think that if the aspirin works well enough, I should take him for a run at the park some day. He'll only feel better for the exercise. He did the rest of the walk in perfect politeness.

Got back to brownies and milk and more movie. Mmmm... and then we went to bed and went to sleep way too late.

Was kinda bleary this morning, but content and the shower felt good. Made myself coffee again, but drank it before I ever got to Victor's, so I went in there and got a grande mandarin mocha with soy milk. I needed it.

Fezzik was confused with Regis in the house in the morning, thought it was the weekend, and when I went to take him out to the run, he trotted right on past it, tail in the air, as if we were going for a walk. I had to laugh and admonish him mildly, and he came back and went meekly into his run to munch his Milkbone there.

Mark was on-line, as he is pretty much everyday now, and I had fun talking with him while setting work stuff up and then just companionable while I worked. It's nice seeing him on a nearly everyday basis, just sharing small life stuff, nothing big, vital or intense. Gaming stuff, TV stuff, and the weather, general stream of living things. Nice that.

Kathy also sent me an URL that has the latest snapshot off a Scripps Beach Cam. It's very pretty, but highly bit-intensive. Takes a while to download.

I have the pictures of me in my suit developed, now 'all' I have to do is scan 'em. Woohooo! Also found an outfit called From Nature With Love that's based in New York that will sell me citric acid in bulk, in fact, they're having a sale on the stuff. So I'm buying five pounds of it and really hope I like making bath bombs. With shipping, one pound would have been over seven dollars, but five was only fifteen. I couldn't beat that kind of price curve. So the check for that wanders off today. Made me wander about the Amphora essential oils site some more to see if there was anything I specifically wanted for scents, but there doesn't seem to be anything I want more. Though I'm really contemplating getting a bottle of their 'rain' perfume as I like the scent.

Got in pretty late, so I'm likely going to stay late and catch Shakespeare In Love at a 7:20 pm showing at the Redmond Towne Center, get almond oil and meander about aimlessly. That is if I stay awake long enough. I might end up just going home and going to sleep.

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