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January 14, 1999
a year ago


I was so tired last night.

It was a real pain, all together, but I was smart enough to just get a few dinner things from QFC and then go right home. It really would have been awful if I'd stayed out until 8 or 9, as by 9, last night, I was getting into a bath and about to fall asleep in it. So it would have been really, really bad if I'd forced myself to stay awake that long to drive. Bad juju.

As it was, I was slow and without a brain for most of the evening. I managed to get Fezzik fed and aspirined and then started working on my dinner. Not a lot of people seem to have seen Tampopo. I've linked to a Roger Ebert review that I particularly like, here. My parents have a copy and we saw it over the Christmas vacation, so in the background processes of my brain, I've been looking for fresh ramen.

Not those bricks of dried up noodles with the powder packet that's mostly MSG and salt; but fresh noodles, like fresh pasta, with real soup concentrate, which Uwajamaya had in plenty in their freezer section and their refrigerated section. So, last night, I tried to make real ramen with real veggies and the like. I actually did okay, on the most part. I bought some lox pieces mostly because I wanted smoked salmon, also a brick of cha su/Chinese BBQ'ed pork, and some fresh shitaki mushrooms. I cut up a green onion, put about half that and the shitaki's in the soup water, and let them simmer some while the water came to a boil for the noodles. Then added the soup concentrate as I plopped the mound of noodles into the boiling water (important that it be boiling). The soup came to a nice simmer and I turned off the heat, but the noodles were not breaking up in the boiling water. Oops... *fresh* noodles.

I had to dump the doughy mass into the garbage, open another packet of noodles, break them apart by hand, first, and then dump them into hard-boiling water. They came out tender but with a good bite to them. The soup went on top, still nearly boiling hot. Then I wanted to move the bowl over to the cutting board to add the rest of the Stuff I'd cut up, including the pork, and I accidentally, tiredly, slopped soup over the edge of the bowl onto my hand. Ow and a quick, hard burst of expletives came out. Fezzik jumped up and ran away from the kitchen, I think because he thought I was mad at him.

I stuck my hand under cold running water, and called him back and he crept back into the kitchen and then I waved him at the spilled soup and he happily went to work cleaning up most of the kitchen floor and the cabinets that had soup on 'em. Good dog. When my hand felt better, I finished up the mopping job, and then cleaned up the counter, and all the noodles were still in the bowl, so I added some hot water to the bowl to fill in some of the missing soup, then laid the salmon and meat and some of the raw spring onions, chopped lettuce, and a bit of pickled ginger on top of the soup. Then I sat down and ate the whole bowl of it.

It was very, very good. Even with all the other problems I had with it, it turned out really, really good.

While eating, I got to see the Powerpuff Girls on the Cartoon Network and laughed so hard it felt good. Finished watching the show and got the now-dried silk wound into a nice tight ball for knitting with and started the heel of the sock. It's nearly like silk twine, nice and tight and springy with all the twist in the yarn, and with just a bit of working the yarn, it feels soft, strong and silky smooth. It's going to be very nice.

After dinner, I took Fezzik on his walk and it was one of those nights when it was just raining like crazy. Most nights, even when the day is wet and drippy, are fairly clear when I take Fezzik for a walk; but last night was just nasty. Blowing rain that was nigh horizontal. Fezzik didn't seem to mind it and ran about happily. I wrapped my trenchcoat about me, wore my oilcloth cowboy hat, which works excellently against the rain, and trudged after him.

By the time I was back, I was wet, cold, even more tired, and the phone message machine was beeping at me. It turned out to be John. So I called back and it went directly to the message machine. So I left a message, put the phone next to the kitchen sink and then slowly, methodically washed the dishes, being very, very careful to avoid the sharp edge of the cleaver. Focus was getting harder, but John called halfway through the dishes, and I didn't even bother drying off my hands and sat down to talk with him. That was good.

After the phone call I drank a mug of hot milk, had a brownie from the night before, and then went up, took a nice hot bath and then just fell into bed, around 9:30. Looked up and it was 8:30 in the morning.

Sleep is good.

Puttered about in the morning, a bit, made myself a peach, guava, strawberry, banana, and yogurt thing for breakfast. The lack of caffeine felt painful, but I think it should be a good thing in the long run. We'll see. Fezzik liked it on his aspirin, and then ate his breakfast. It wasn't cold out, though it was wet, and I debated keeping him inside, but he wanted out, so I let him out to his run with a Milkbone and he looked content as I drove away.

Spent a lot of the afternoon talk with customers. Just talking with people and listening to them and finding out what it was that they wanted and where they were going with things. It's really nice to be able to walk across the street to do this kind of interview and talk with 'em and see what's up with them. Easy, cheap, and we get good thoughtful stuff.

Then just came back and realized that without the data from other things, I wasn't really sure what to do next. So I might just take off early and go see Shakespeare In Love and play with the dog in the rain and watch hockey and think a bit about what I've got. Would be nice and creative and the problemw as that I've been sneezing and coughing like crazy all day. I really hope that the cold I have isn't getting another grip on me. That would really suck rocks.

I'm feeling pretty unmotivated at the moment. Just tired, I guess, and having no John has made it harder to get interested in anything. Hm. Maybe I should be taking some St. Johns Wort just to keep up.

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