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January 29, 1999
a year ago

More of The Same

Had to stay in for the morning to talk with another mover about what it was we wanted to move. It's odd to wander through the house and go through things and wonder what it is that we'll finally move and what it is that we won't. Things. So many of them. It's interesting to see what we see as important. It's mostly the spinning wheels and the loom that I'm worried about, the rest is just stuff, you know?

The things I made, those are probably going with us on our drive to Boulder, and the one plant may have to go with us, too. So we may be taking two cars instead of just the one with Fezzik in it. I don't know how much stuff we can actually fit into the Rover with Fezzik taking up the entire back section, but it's possible that we could get everything in. We'll have to see. All this planning... I'm making lists everywhere, and both of the mover folks gave us lists of things that are good to pack last and unpack first and lists of things that we need to know to make the whole thing easier.

As a whole, this whole thing is going to be insane.

Got hit today, emotionally, again, with the fact that another of our guys is leaving, he's one of the guys that we knew was going to stay; but I'd had some hopes. He is staying, though and he accepted a job elsewhere today and it's just an emotional thing that's just hard.

Sometimes I wonder if it's any use. If the resources that Xilinx has will ever really be ours to use? If the people we so desperately need are going to really be coming? Of course they are; but it's so hard to feel that at this point. We're having to compact, hugely, before we actually get to where we can dump all the data we have and know. This is going to be so hard, and it should turn out.

I sure hope it all turns out.

Work today was mostly meetings in the afternoon. Passing on of data, passing on of requirements from the other groups, passing on of questions that folks want to ask, and the whole thing. It's going to be interesting, these next few months, whatever else they are, it'll be interesting.

This morning I put all the bath bombs into a glass jar, and they look kinda cool, like giant Sweet Tarts. They held together okay, so I have some hope as to how well they'll keep. And they seemed to have dried okay. I'll probably try and make more over the weekend if they test out okay in a bath tonight. They are still made from the plastic eggs, so I keep thinking about packing a dozen in an egg carton or something, sometime, either to give to someone or something. That would be fun, would probably help keep the structure intact on the bombs and they fit. So that would be cool.

Played in Fiat today. It was interesting, a bit of game we had to delay for quite a while as people weren't gathering very easily.

Been thinking more about axioms and faith and stuff. I'm slowly starting to formulate my axioms of a faith that is built a bit like mathematics but also entirely unlike as it's only provable on an individual's experience, not in a general sense. General thoughts about the differences between facts and faith, which Markleford stirred up that I am pondering more.

HOORAH! UPS delivered my Levenger order! I LOVE package tracking!! I do, I do. Also heard the interesting news that J. Peterman's is filing Chapter 11, but keeping the stores and the mail order business going. How interesting.

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