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January 30, 1999
a year ago

Bombs and Realtor Number Two

Spent most of the morning making another set of bath bombs as the first ones worked out pretty well in the bath. I drew a nice, warm bath, and had John toss in one of the jasmine bombs. It fizzed like crazy and a cloud of cool green and the sweet scent of jasmine filled the air. It went much, much more quickly than the commercial bombs I've been given, and it was really cool seeing how quickly it disbursed the scent and bath oils. When I got in, there was no sheen on the surface of the water, the oils had been emulsified into the bathwater by the chemical reaction's action. So when I got in, it was like sliding into a perfectly emulsified bath with bath oil and bath salts. My skin was instantly smooth from the bath oil.

That was very nice indeed. Though I think that there was just a touch too much oil in the bath, as I had to use the bathtub cleaner on the tub after I got out to get the bath oils off the walls so that it wouldn't be sticky.

So, I used about a half a cup of base for the same amount of oils as I was using for only a third a cup the previous batch for the ones I made today. That turned out to work okay when I put another cc of water into the mixture that then was worked into the base quickly (so it didn't fizz while I was making it) and then the damp sand-like stuff was quick to pack into a half-egg and they dropped out more easily after I knew what I was doing.

When I had a good four dozen fragrant domes about ready to dry, one of the real estate guys came. John had warned me about him, so I ushered him in and he wandered around the house as I finished up with the bombs and stuck them in the furnace closet.

Eventually John came back in from talking with two guys that had responded to his ad in the paper over the two Land Rovers he's trying to sell, and the three of us sat down and talked things over. Things about what it takes to sell a house and how the various things traded off on how well it would sell and how badly it might sell, and what would make it easier and what would make it harder.

We're going to have to completely redo the roof, probably replace all the carpets, finish the paint job inside, and finish the railing on the patio in the back. It's going to be interesting, all in all, how many things we've kinda put off for ourselves are going to be done for the person that's going to buy the house. Odd how that works. But it also reassures me about whatever house we're going to buy, that it will be in top condition when we get into it. Or at least there won't be things we have to do immediately.

The hallway was completely fragrant with the scents of the bath bombs. That was pretty constant through the day.

After the realtor, we had other people come in for the Landies. Around 4, though, John and I took off to Bella Botega and watched Patch Adams. It was enjoyable. Complex and interesting and I cried a lot. We got back home, and I made ramen for dinner, with the last of the turnip cake.

I worked on spinning the silk for Genevieve's socks, which is fun. I'm making it significantly finer than the slubby stuff I did for my socks, but trying to keep some body to it so that it'll fill in. So I spun and spun and spun and spun and then flipped to the bigger gear to ply and ply and ply. As I was plying, I guess it got past midnight and the SF channel, every Saturday at midnight, plays the Saturday Anime movie, and it was Demon City! Which was really, really cool to watch and think about.

I have to admit that, of all the genres, Japanese Manga/Anime with is blend of futuristic and magic all in one is what I'd most likely love to write. It's what I enjoy the most in watching and reading, so I think there's something there. Blending of magic and technology is always weird and often makes for bad writing, as two reality bending tendencies often go unchecked, without balances. I liked this one, as it had interesting balances and hints at powers beyond powers.

So I was up until about 2am watching the movie, though John had gone to sleep around midnight. I loved the movie.

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