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January 31, 1999
a year ago

Blue Moon

Started the morning with sourdough pancakes, it'd been a while since I'd done sourdough, and I used the Russian jar which had the most accumulation, since I add a bit of stuff every week the jar with the most Stuff in it usually is the one that's gone the longest without being really grown in the incubator, as I usually split the jar in half, half for the recipe, half for a clean jar, when I do it. So we had whole wheat Russian sourdough pancakes. The Russian sourdough always smells kinda creamy to me, different than the straight sour of the Yukon, but it always turns out just as sour to the taste. I think I like the Yukon for pancakes better, and the Russian a lot more for cinnamon rolls.

But in the midst of breakfast, the third realtor came in, wandered about, then introduced himself. We finished eating, then we started talking and the guy really impressed me as more of a marketing type. The first guy was more an engineer, but the second one was just in the job of selling houses, not working with buyers much. So that was interesting.

We kept a fire burning in the fireplace insert all day, so it was nice and warm inside and the silk yarn that I'd finished last night, while watching the movie, was drying pretty quickly. The weather was freaky all day. Patches of brilliant sunshine alternated with blowing rain, then thunder, then heavy hail, and then big clumps of wildly blowing snow. Utterly crazy. There were moments when the blowing weather would fan the flames high, hot and bright. So it was very nice to sit in the cozy house and do stuff.

In the midst of the day, I got to see Pepin's new series with his daughter Claudine, and it was really cool. Salmon in a green herb sauce, a salad with salmon skin cracklings, and finished with an almond and plum cake, with whole plums just plopped into the cake batter. Yum. I scribbled things down frantically in the small of the notebooks I'd made and had fun putting them in the recipes section. I'm finally putting together a recipe book of recipes that are to my taste. I might also put together a book of recipes from the Web, the ones that I've printed out and just have them in alphabetical order and then I can use the book however and wherever and whenever I want.

I then spent a while wrapping bath bombs in plastic. As they have essential oils in them, the scents can dissipate if left out too long on their own. So I wrapped all the ones that I'd made, to date, in their own little plastic wrappers, this is going to make it easier to send them to people, as the wrappers will keep all the contents in them even if the bomb breaks at all. I wrapped up a nice snug box of them that I'll probably take to DunDraCon and disburse to Horde folks that want them, as they were interested, and there's a good three or four dozen of them that seem to work well.

By the time the Super Bowl rolled around, the silk yarn was dry, so I started to finish off the first of Genevieve's socks. The game was the usual blowout, and there was plenty of time, especially with the last of the post-game party coverage, to finish the first sock.

But remembering my experience with my socks, I stopped after the first sock, and just sat and watched, ate dinner, or wrote and stuff until it was time to sleep.

John bought Golden Wok stuff, and we had a really good dinner.

I'm getting fat. Or at least I think so, I'm about a good ten pounds over where I've always thought I 'ought' to be, and about five pounds, after the severe bronchitis, over where I have been comfortable. Some part of my brain is bothered badly by it, another part is trying to calm down that part and say that I still fit in my pants, that I'm still pretty fit, and that ten pounds isn't that big a difference, even as part of my unconscious self-image is having crying jags and screaming fits in the back of my brain.

It's odd to realize that I feel this way, think this way, and that at a gut level, I'm going to be severely unhappy until I get my weight back down. It's interesting to see that I didn't even write down that on Thursday night, after dinner, I rode the stationary bike for the first time in a very long while and it really hurt, even just for the ten minutes that I did it. Then I did about half an hour's worth of my knee and arm and wrist exercises. I still hurt from all that.

We took Fezzik for a walk tonight, and I really didn't want to do it, but I finally pushed myself and my sore legs and got up and went out and did it. I was pretty glad, too, as the night was clear and cold and outside there was a blue moon, brilliant and beautiful.

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