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July 3, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Synario Party

10:16 am: Drat. He was up at midnight again, though we went to sleep at 11, so he missed that rising. He was up again at 2 or so and ate steadily then. He didn't really wake up until quarter after 6, and he just thumped about in his crib for a good half hour before finally fussing a bit. I told John I had to use the bathroom, and so I did, and when I came back John was still lying in bed and Jet was fussing pretty vocally.

I guess I should have said, "Change Jet and get him ready for me to nurse him." So I did the changing and John said, "Oh... I could do that..." and I just didn't say anything. What would there be to say?

John did take Jet upstairs after he'd eaten. And we slept another hour or so and I got up when I heard Jet fussing again. It was time to nurse, and after that we had breakfast. I got to write a good long while after that, which was very nice indeed.

Today was a pretty lazy day during the day. Mostly just writing and being around the house and having a few meals. We read and nursed a lot and John and Isabel got Jet in the high chair and fed him more green beans. Jet made an awful face the first spoonful, but then started eating ravenously. He had a good half a jar of green beans before he finally slowed down.

That was pretty much the highlight. This was all after a lunch of really great tuna fish sandwiches. The tuna had celery, dill pickles, chives, and various other things as well as the tuna and mayo. They were really yummy. Isabel also baked a bread pudding from leftover communion bread, and, of course, added raspberries. We had it with more raspberries, which was really good. I mashed some of the berries with a finger and let Jet lick the juice off my finger. He sucked on it avidly, which is why they decided to give him some solids.

Happy boy.

The pictures are pretty cool.

They've set up another gathering for us with the Jacksons, sometime later in the week. It'll be another party! Whee...

I got a shower later in the afternoon, and changed into a nursing shirt for later today. This evening is a gathering with all the old Synario folks and that other dinner group. It should be a fun shingding, and it'll be interesting to see Charlie and Kevin in their new, teenage guises. Kids keep changing, and sometimes I think adults could use a bit of that malleable magic of growing and changing. They like talking with John, so we'll see if they actually like doing it face to face tonight.

12:02 am: Wow. That was quite some party. The Kohlmeiers managed to contact a whole bunch of people we used to know through Data I/O, Minc, and Synario. There was a house full of folks and we had BBQ outside with teriyaki beef, a couple of pork tenderloins, and a whole ton of fried chicken. Other folks had brought side dishes, and the dessert array was breathtaking.

The fun was all the people. Lots of folks we haven't talked with for years, and most of them were parents just before we got to be, so there were a bunch of five-year-old plus or minus a year boys running around happily. Dave actually managed to get them all lined up at one point, all four of them, and got them to actually do something together. That was fun to see.

Everyone picked up and held and admired Jet. He was pretty good with most everyone, though he was a bit tired from a day without too much napping. He fussed a bit, eventually, with everyone, especially me, and we got a couple good, solid nursing sessions in their livingroom. That was useful, he nearly naps during some of that, so the rest seems to help his mood as much as the drink does.

It was fun talking with all the other moms about going back to work, about daycare problems, about how Jet slept, about where he was on the eating, and all that stuff. It was also very keen to see all the kids we'd seen as infants now running around, conversing, and being generally more independent and happy to explore things like fireworks, the bonfire, and conversations and play with each other. I really had fun talking in detail with Linda K. about how it felt for her to leave work to take care of her two boys. The 'boys' in question are now teenagers, with baggy pants, lon sideburns, and attitudes. I still remember when Charlie was two and Fezzik bowled him over on the lawn by accident because he was too unsteady to keep his balance. That was so odd.

I got to talk with all the relatively new moms, too, about all the things that had to do with sleep, play, and working while the kids are around. Most of them have kids that are three or four, now, and they were running around. Suzi said, holding up a four-year-old, talking, walking, and squirming Ian, "This is what you'll have in a few more years..."

That was a lot of fun.

Before the party, John and I had actually left his parents' house a bit early so we could drop by our old neighborhood before the party. We went to our old neighbors, the Bonners and found the kids home. They recognized us, and we wouldn't have recognized them as they were both about twice as tall as I remembered them. They did remember us, though, and invited us to sit in the house with Jet until their Mom and Dad got home. That was pretty cool.

Steve and Dawn were astonished to see us and even more astonished to see Jet. As Dawn put it she kind of wondered if we ever would. John said, yeah, I guess we were just kind of slow; and Dawn laughed and said that she and Steve had been a bit too quick, so she approved. That was pretty funny. She liked Jet a lot and held him for a while, and finally gave him back saying she was out of shape and our of practice. The arms and shoulders really build up with the weight of the baby, and she was willing to admit that it had been a while.

They had fun talking about how the neighborhood had gone to pot since the new developments had gone in. We caught up on old neighbors, on new developments, and on the simple state of things. They said that we'd gotten out just in time. They were also mildly surprised, as we were, that the lady that had moved into our house was quite the partier, it turns out. She also had had a bunch of folks in to work on the place, so there had been a lot of noise from her part of the woods.

That was a little sad for us, so we didn't go to look at what the house looks like now. I didn't want to see if they'd done terrible things to the small things we'd loved so much. I can imagine that my tiny but deep ship's tub had probably been taken out and some monstrosity put back in... better to just remember it the way we left it.

We took our leave a bit later than we intended, and Jet announced his displeasure at that with a lot of screaming and we stopped at the Safeway to let him eat for a while before we went to the party, and he was quite good for all that.

The party went pretty late, and we didn't get home until midnight. Jet was asleep in the car seat, so I just got myself ready for bed, and picked him up and nursed him when I was all ready. When we were done, I just put him back to sleep. He dropped off like a rock. Whew.

We'll see if being kept up until midnight does anything to his night habits.

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