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July 2, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Lake Party

11:12 am: So last night, Jet had problems getting solidly to sleep again. He was up at 11 and at midnight and then stayed asleep until nearly 3, which was nice. He then slept in until 7:15 and cooed to himself and wiggled a little in his crib for the next half hour, so I didn't really have to get up until 7:45, when I was just dripping with milk.

I nursed him and then had John take Jet up to Isabel and George. We heard Jet thumping on his play pad, his heels hitting the floor so hard it made our ceiling reverberate with the Thud of it. Jet's a very big, strong boy. We giggled and went back to sleep.

I got up about 9:30 and showered thoroughly before going upstairs to a rather hungry Jet who was playing with Granny on the play pad again. Jet and I nursed for a good forty-five minutes while Jet drowsed and I read. When Jet woke up and pulled himself off to say hi to Isabel, we finished and I went to eat breakfast while Jet played on the playpad. He started protesting being alone after just a bit, so I went to pick him up and ate for a bit with him until John appeared. We then tucked Jet into the high chair and he played happily with his plastic keys on the metal tray while we ate.

Eating is good this late in the morning, when I'm pretty hungry. I think I'm doing okay, sleepwise, but I'm still a little tired.

4:20 pm: Tomb Raider is really pretty. I really enjoyed it with John. Joiette is just gorgeous and moves with both the assurance and grace that does justice to the game. It's got the really great action sequences and some really gorgeous affects. Of course the plot is a little bit thin, but what else would one expect from a video game movie? Still, I really enjoyed it and the time away from Jet.

We got to get coffee drinks at Victor's after, and I had an iced caramel latte that was good and strong the first few sips. Then we went to Taco Time and got something we'd never have been able to get in Colorado. We got crispy bean burritos. They're refried beans rolled into flour tortillas and then deep fried. Something no respecting Mexican restaurant would ever do.

I guess that's why I love them so. They're something we can only get here in Seattle, so I took advantage of that fact and had one. It was wonderful, crisp and flaky on the outside, tender with creamy refried beans on the inside. They were, as ever, nearly too hot to bite when they first gave them to us, and gradually cooled down as we ate them down.

10:42 pm: It was everything that I miss about this place. Jack's house is by Pine Lake, the little lack at the top of the Sammamish Plateau. They have a house out there that's right nearly the edge of the lake. The property has lots of old firs all around, so there's plenty of shade, but with the sunlight on the lake there was light as well. And the long, slow twilight from nearly 6 to nearly 10 was the gradual darkening of the warmth of a summer day that I so miss.

It was our old dinner group. The four families, now augmented by Becky, Jeffery and Jet. They hadn't had a dinner in nearly a year, but we all met out at the Rogers' house and the Beechers brought salad and the Baldwins brought dessert. The Rogers' did both the main course and drinks, and asked us to just bring Jet.

Amber, the Baldwin's little girl, is now tall and slender and as graceful as anything. She's still happy and a little shy and as sweet as when she was small. Matt Rogers is a husky nine-year old, much more assured and outgoing, still playful and loved to play with the littler kids when he had the chance. I hadn't seen too much of Jeffery or Becky Baldwin before and they were quiet and a little shy. John got to hold Becky for a while while her mom was putting together the desserts and she trustingly clung to him.

Jet was cheerful and easy going, as ever, and sat with anything and everyone that wanted to hold him. He carefully watched Becca, another baby is always someone he watches a bit more closely than just anyone. He fussed a little before dinner and I tried feeding him out on the couch and he got distracted enough that I didn't do that for too long. It lasted him through dinner. He sat happily in his car seat and watched the antics of everyone else with wide, clear eyes. Jet seemed to really like the twilight.

The Rogers had gotten a whole silver salmon, filleted it into two sides, marinated it and then cooked it in some of that marinade over a grill. It came out tender, rich, and perfectly flavorful. We had a huge platter of the fish that was passed around with pickled cucumber slices with onions and radish. The salad was a lovely greens mix with blue cheese, walnuts and apple pieces. There was plenty of buttery garlic bread, great for sopping up juices.

It was a wonderful dinner. By the time dessert came around, I made the coffee because the Rogers never drank coffee, they only had it in the house for friends that came over that did. So I measured out the pre-ground, frozen coffee into a Mr. Coffee filter and set it all up to go early. When Candi put the desserts together, I turned on the maker and off it went. It made just enough decaf for everyone that wanted some and it was wonderful with the fudge covered, peanut butter flavored, ice cream pie.


We all ate out on the deck, talked a lot to catch up with each others lives, and watched the sunlight slowly seep away. The light reflecting silver off the water. and the trees softly whispering with the breezes in the upper branches. It was very soothing to simple watch the waters of the lake rippling below.

It surprised the heck out of us when we finally got in the car to go away and found that it was 9:40 pm and the sky was still light. above us. I so miss the long days and the slanted light. There is so much shade here. There is so little in Colorado's harsher sunlight. At midday, here, there is often still shade, between the slant of the sun, the trees, and everything else.

We got home and Jet was asleep and I left him that way until I was completely ready for bed. Then we nursed and he fell asleep while nursing, so I just put him to bed. I'll hope that that bodes well for tonight.

He'd gotten up a few times last night, about once an hour until midnight, so it was just twice before then. John got him at 11 and I got him at midnight, when he nursed for just about three minutes before falling back to sleep. I think the quick drink might have helped him with any thirstiness he had. I kind of hope he'll go back to what he was doing at the beginning of the week.

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