Liralen's Adventure Through Life
July 2001
  1: Eastgate Party
  2: Lake Party
  3: Synario Party
  4: Small Ice Cream Party
  5: Seeing Fezzik Off
  6: Extreme Babies Parties
  7: Heading Home
  8: A Sunday Home
  9: A Good Day
10: Big Thunderstorm
11: Jet Loves His Daycare
12: A Clean House
13: Brownlows Arrive
14: Grilling Party
15: Naps
16: Bigger Diapers
17: Presentation In Person
18: Meetings, A Mistake, and Rain
19: Spoiled Milk, Spilled Milk, and Heavy Milk
20: Coffee, Shorts, and Progress
21: Play Time
22: First Regret
23: A Good, Normal Day
24: Bad Meeting Karma
25: Packed Day
26: Grumpy Night
27: Wandering Around Work
28: Farmer's Market and Wedding
29: Three B's and a Hunan Garden
30: Running Around Too Much
31: Visiting The Neighbors

We started the month in Seattle, doing a pretty thorough party route amoung all our old friends, as none of them had gotten to really meet Jet, yet, and now they were able to get to really see him. Even as he did his part in the social whirl, he was also learning how to sit up, how to accurately grab things, and how to get back to his sleep habits of when he was just three months old.

We got back home just in time to greet the Brownlows on their trip around the continent in their diesel van and have a party in their honor as well. They also bring the rain, finally. We get the monsoons of summer, with thunderstorms and rain in quite a few of the afternoons. When they don't come things get pretty awfully hot, though.

The local farmer's markets really start to take off as the Colorado growing season starts to bear the fruits and vegetables of the local farmer's labors, and we really start eating the summer foods. Lighter, fresher, and riper all around, it's a really great thing to do.

Work ramps up to a new intensity and I'm pretty much set for it by knowing that Jet loves his day care, and that I am learning all the skills I need to really deal with working only half time and with working at home. They're very different than when I was just parked in a cube at work all day. It's also more rewarding and mentally better for the breaks.

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