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July 5, 2001
two years ago

Seeing Fezzik Off

3:51 pm: Sadly, Jet got up every two hours last night. He was up at 12, 2, and four and finally got up for good at 6:45, which turned out to be good timing, because he was able to go with Isabel soon after he'd finished nursing.

I didn't get up until 9. I pumped and got nearly six ounces. That was quite a relief. I then took a long, hot shower, and finally got up just in time for pancakes. George had made a very large batch of them, and I happily made inroads into them with plenty of yogurt, blueberry jam, and blueberry juice from Trader Joe's. When I was half way through Isabel and Jet were back. He'd eaten nearly nothing while out, and had done very well for Isabel and her ladies. They said that he's definitely a keeper and were glad that we could lend him to them.

I was glad he'd done well and also glad that Isabel had had such a good time with him. Another adventure Jet got to take on his own, which is a good thing, all in all.

I tried feeding him and he just wasn't that interested, so he, John, Isabel and I all piled into the car again and drove for Marymoore.

It was a pretty cloudy and cool day to start, but when we got to the park, the sun came out. We put his baseball cap on him and put his Mom's Angel denim jacket on him and got out to the off-leash area at Marymoore. Yes, we brought Fezzik's ashes. We also called Adam to tell him we'd meet him there a bit before noon, so we stayed in the parking lot until noon and then headed into the off-leash area.

It as quite different than when we'd been there, better in a lot of ways. They'd erected a fence between the path and the Slough, and a lot of the native vegetation was coming back, thick and green and solid on the other side of the fence. The major waterholes that had been used to the point of erosion were all reconstructed. They were all terraced, now, with hard-pack between each step, and the waterways were all clear and clean of the silt that the dogs used to bring into the water.

No more huge holes in the bank for dogs to accidentally drop into. It also turned out that a lot of the vegetation was providing the shade needed to keep the water in the Slough cool enough for migrating salmon. Nice to have the dogs and the fish co-existing for once. It all looked much nicer, too.

We wandered over to the main water hole that Fezzik used to spend hours and hours running around with all the other dogs, and there were a few dozen dogs spread out, playing in the water and around the water. It was cool and quiet and a few dogs came over to check us out. Jet had fallen asleep in Isabel's arms, quietly, in the warmth of the sunshine. So John and I pulled the box with Fezzik's ashes out of the diaper bag, and unwrapped the bag of ashes and pulled the twist tie off.

We then went under the big tree right by the main watering hole. There was plenty of underbrush and a few smaller trees flanking the biggest tree. There were also bare paths worn into some of the growth by lots of dog feet running through the shade. The trunk of the biggest tree spread out into thick fingers sinking deep in to the soil and that's where we spread Fezzik's ashes.

It was a perfect spot. You could hear the water and the other dogs playing. It was shady and cool and just slightly damp like all the forests up here are. We each poured our half of the ashes with a quiet farewell to Fezzik, and I cried just a little. Nothing like when Fezzik actually died, but it was good to remember and to say goodbye to him in a place he loved so much. I guess the time really has helped to heal the pain of losing him, and there are just so many good memories. It was good to give him a resting place that he used to love so much.

4:06 pm: Afterwards, Adam and his dogs, Bogie and Arrow, arrived and we played a bit with them and watched the dogs there while Jet slept. It was good to talk with Adam again, and good to just relax and watch all the dogs. I had fun dodging really drooly muzzles, and patting furry backs. It was a very good place to get a dog fix without having to bring home a dog. Fezzik was wonderful, but a dog is a lot of work and a lot of responsibility and, right now, it's not something we want to add to our plate.

From there we went to Safeway to do a little shopping and then to Victor's where I offered Jet eats, but he was far too distracted to want them. So we just got drinks and some decaf coffee and then headed home. Jet was, as ever, wonderful for most of the trip back and then spent the last three miles or so just screaming his head off. Poor tyke.

He ate like crazy when I gave him the chance again, and eventually nodded off.

Turns out that Sue got shingles, i.e. chicken pox for adults. Since Jet doesn't have the immunities for it, we pretty much ruled out having her come today. Then Del, her husband, had gotten home to take care of the kids while she got to her doctor's appointment and it turned out that he had to work late. So it sounds like the whole thing has been called off, which I don't regret. Better safe than sorry.

So it looks like we'll have a quieter evening tonight...

We got a really great dinner. John and I went to I Love Sushi in Bellevue. I really wanted to have sushi while we were here, and we went to the place that had good prices, had the stuff we wanted, and wasn't stuffed to the gills at 5:30 in the afternoon. Jet had eaten so we could take off early for dinner, and we appreciated that.

When we arrived, the first thing we saw was a little retail and wholesale fish market just across the parking lot! It contained freezers and freezers of sushi and sashimi grade fish! Wow. There were tubs of tobiko (flying fish roe), entire sides of fresh water eel all ready to be grilled and sliced for sushi, there were entire mackerel already pickled and ready to slice, there were large chunks of albacore, tuna, and yellowtail as well all solidly frozen, vacuum packed and ready to go.

I asked the guy there if they shipped, since it was all frozen already they could just pack it with dry ice and go anywhere; but the guy said no, they didn't. I was mildly sad. If we do move back to that area, though, I'm sure to go there and just buy up a load of stuff and have a sushi party or something.

We went to dinner and stuffed ourselves because we'd both forgotten to eat lunch. We had salmon oshi-zushi, or the square sushi that has green onions through it and super-fine slices of lemon on top of the salmon. We had tempura'ed soft-shell crab. We had a Bellevue roll (with yellowtail, ginger, and cucumber), an I Love Roll (eel, crab, cucumber, tobiko, and egg), and John had a spicy tuna roll and an order of yellowtail on the side. I also had mackerel, salmon straight, sea eel, and yellowtail.

It was glorious. It was also pretty much what I have up in Longmont, and I was mildly surprised to note that the overall price was pretty much the same, or a bit more (given that we'd ordered more stuff). So we aren't getting that much worse a set of prices in Longmont, though the quality is mildly less good out in Colorado. It's just great here, but it's not that much greater. So I can pretty much enjoy my sushi in Colorado with the knowledge that it's not that much more expensive.

From there we headed over to Larry's for another of those strolls down memory lane. We just walked through the store, buying nearly nothing until we got to the local candy section and I picked up one of the Fran's Almond Gold Bars. I think I've seen them in Colorado as well, but it was just knowing that it was made locally that had me getting one. They also had macadamia based bars as well and John got one of those and happily sang softly, "I have a gold bar! I have a gold bar!" all the way to the cashiers. That was fun. I wanted to check out the spices to see if they might have a few cinnamon sticks for a reasonable price; but they only had large numbers of cinnamon sticks, so I decided not to buy one of those just for the pecan sticky rolls tonight.

Instead, I found a walnut coffee cake mix, and decided to get that instead for when we get home. I bought that happily and we went back to John's parents' place.

John and his parents sat down to watch the Red Green Show tape that John brought with him, and I put together the dough for the pecan rolls from the recipe off the web. I set it in a sunny windowsill, went to feed Jet, and then wrote a while as they played with Jet while they finished the tape. There was a lot to the tape, as it was actually the Best of the Red Green Show, and when they were finished, the dough had doubled in bulk, easily, and I was able to roll them out and get them all set up.

Isabel had plenty of corn syrup, so I wanted to try it with that; and they also had plenty of whole wheat flour. So instead of the two cups of white flour the recipe calls for, I put in one cup of wheat and one cup of white. The dough turned out just as soft and good and easy to work as it did at home, and I just made them in the pan and tucked them into the fridge for the overnight rise. I told Isabel that it would be best if they did rest for fifteen minutes or so before she turned on the oven, and she said that she'd take care of them. Yay!

It was really fun to put the rolls together. It was so good to just have lots of other people taking care of Jet while I was able to do what I wanted to do. Having four adults watch out for Jet is a whole lot easier than having it just be the two of us at home. I mentioned that to John and he agreed. I'm very glad that Isabel and George like taking care of Jet and are totally willing to have him at any time. I'm sure my mom and dad are the same way, too, so it'll be good when they visit in September to be able to just get out and do a few things that we don't normally do.

The dinner also made me really glad that John and I were, very much, an *us* before we were parents with a baby. We have our own identity and reality that does need to be maintained, but its solidity makes it a lot easier. Yay!

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