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July 6, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Extreme Babies Parties!

We got to see the opposite ends of the spectrum in baby sizes and it was pretty cool, especially given where Jet ended up between them.

Jet did the bouncing up and down before midnight thing again. He then settled to sleep until 3 or so when he ate solidly and went back until 6. I fed him then from just me, and he went back to sleep until 7:30, which was nice. John took him upstairs then, and we both slept until 8. I woke up then and went upstairs to feed Jet, and when I was done, Isabel had finished baking the pecan rolls! Yay!

They turned out just like I had hoped they would. The whole wheat gave them a mildly softer texture. The corn syrup really bound the gooey stuff together and didn't add all that much sweetness, especially compared to the maple syrup, which added significant sweetness to the whole thing. The chopped pecans also were really nice, and I got pecans in every bite instead of only having one or two big pecans on each roll. So all the adjustments really made a difference, and the results were very satisfying. Isabel had four of them, and I had five. George ate a good deal of what was left and left a good corner of it for John for when he woke up.

John didn't get up until 10. Then he called Mark Sasten. We'd found out at the Kolhmeier party that the Sasten's had had their baby on *Saturday*. This was an entire month early from their due date. We were astonished, and found that they were doing well, and baby Rebecca was five pounds, ten ounces, which was only four ounces smaller than Jet when he was born. John called to see how they were and if they were up to a visit and it turned out that they were, right then. Today was their at home day with the possibility of visitors, and they'd been back to the hospital pretty much every day this week, so it was good for them to stay home and rest.

We went out to visit them, and drove on over. Jet fell asleep on the drive, and then woke up when he heard Mark's voice. That was pretty cool and he was pretty happy to sit with Mark while the four of us visited.

Rebecca is tiny. Utterly tiny. And seeing her I couldn't believe that Jet was that tiny, too, when he was born. I just couldn't remember him being that small. It's only been five months, but having to deal with a boy that's now more than fifteen pounds every day, it's insane to think of him being only a third this size only five months ago. But she isn't all that much smaller than Jet was.

I got to hold her. I washed my hands and took her very carefully from Karyn, supporting her neck and cuddling her close. She stirred a few times but with soft words and a gentle swing she went back to sleep. It was astonishing to feel just how light she was. She seemed like such a feather compared to Jet. She also just fit on my arm, just as, in the pictures, Jet used for fit. So tiny and so sleepy. John and Mark, in the meantime, were happily making Jet fly around the livingroom, running around with him, and holding him just by his torso as he's got great control of his head, now.

The comparison was so remarkable.

I also tried to get Jet to eat while we were there, but there were far too many distractions and he was tossing his head, squirming, wiggling and pulling. Karyn peered mildly and said she was very glad that Rebecca wasn't nearly as... active... as all that. I had to agree.

Well, he'll wean soon enough.

Rick Striefel, during the open house for the ECC had mentioned that his boy had had a lot of night waking, well past the 'three month' time. He said that he'd actually liked it a lot, there was quiet time just for the two of them, when the world was quiet and asleep and there was no hurry in their interaction. I have to agree with him about that, and I'll have to admit, too, that even if Jet weaned off me, he'd still be getting bottles in the middle of the night when he needed it.

It was cool to see the Sastens and we didn't stay too long. Didn't want to wear them out and we had one other place I really wanted to eat while we were in the Seattle area.

Vietnamese food really isn't all that popular in Boulder. There's some really good place in downtown Denver, proper, but not out in Boulder. One of the things I really missed was a good bowl of pho, and I'd gone to the extraordinary means of making it myself this last spring, but I wanted to have some made for me. New Saigon, in the Bel-Red area between Redmond and Bellevue, was the place that a Vietnamese lady as well as Jon Singer had recommended. We decided to go there.

Jet fell asleep on the way over, and slept all through the clanging and bashing of all the utensils and cooking things in the back in the tiny restaurant. It was an old house that used to be on that corner and they'd only remodeled it to be a restaurant. We got a nice table, got lots of comments about Jet from the waitresses and the owner of the place, and then we both got the simple bowls of pho with slices of tenderloin cooked by the super hot broth.

The soup itself only had the noodles, thinly sliced onions, and the super thinly sliced beef. There was a plate alongside that had sliced jalapenos, bean sprouts, and spicy Thai basil as well as lots of lime wedges to squeeze into it all as well. I dumped a double handful of sprouts, tore up some basil, and squeezed on some lime and dug in. I inhaled it. I finished the entire bowl of fresh, hot, lovely food even before John did and that's a very, very rare thing indeed. The soup was a bit weaker than the stuff I'd made, so far as beef taste and thickness went. It was also sweeter, from onions from what I could tell of the broth. It wasn't much saltier, though, and it held the noodles really well. Yum.

Jet woke up in the midst of our paying for the bill, and then went back to sleep again in the car on the way back to John's parents' house. He woke up a few miles from base and started just screaming from being hungry. We couldn't do a thing about it but bull all the way through back to the house. I grabbed Jet, and went inside with him and settled down to feed him and finish my electronic book.

For most of this week I've been reading my Baen electronic subscription copy of Ashes of Victory. I hadn't been able to get through In Enemy Hands and Echos of Honor while I'd been home, but my Visor had the electronic copy of Ashes. So I was reading that. Yeah, I know, reading the end of the series when I have two more books left in the middle seems odd, but it was good, actually. There wasn't all that much I'd missed from the other books, and I liked knowing some of what had come out of the other two.

I didn't like the end, though. I felt kind of cheated, eventhough the title of the book already said that that was what was likely to happen. I really do want to know how justice finally gets served for some of those folks; but I could make do with what was there if he decides to never write another book further along in that continuity.

The evening as filled with the Jacksons as they all did come over for dinner. Sue was feeling much better and her pediatrician said that she couldn't spread the bacteria unless one of the kids or someone actually touched the rash itself. So long as she didn't pick up Jet, I was pretty happy with having them over. They had Sierra Rose, Cally, and their new son, Cole.

Cole is only seven months old. He's only two months older than Jet, and he's 22 pounds already. He is quite the chunk of baby. Nearly shocking compared to Rebecca, and pretty huge compared to Jet. Cole's already sitting up, and he'll stand with a little balance from someone holding his hands, and every night at exactly 8 pm, he wants to go to sleep. He's got pale, pale blue eyes, very thin blond hair, and hands that look twice as big as Jet's. It's quite the interesting contrast. Especially when we put both babies on the play mat and Cole was lunging to bite the arches and bring them down with his body weight. Jet looked like a bird compared to him. Wow.

It was also pretty obvious that Jet is getting more coordinated. Even in just the week that we've been here. He started playing peekaboo, too, just yesterday. We'd put him on the changing table with his sleeper next to him and he'd grabbed it and pulled it over his face. He struggled and squawked while it was over his face, and then he pulled it down and smiled hugely. Then he did it all over again, and then did it another four or five times and proved that he was definitely doing it on purpose. He loved it, and we were pretty amazed that he was doing it himself.

Also, he's started grabbing toys and things on purpose. Just reaching out and grabbing the thing that he wants to grab. Isabel has a rubber, red lobster that all the boys and the grandkids have played with, chewed on, and enjoyed. Jet really likes it, possibly for the color, but also for the amazing shape it has, all those things sticking out and stuff he can chew on. Cool textures. He was presented with the lobster, his plastic keys, and the Whoozit, and he lunged for the lobster. Later, he lunged for his chew toy and chewed on it enthusiastically.

Up until this week, he hadn't had the coordination to keep the chew toy at his mouth, now he actually holds it there, turns it around to get a better chew on the handle, and then goes back to the multi-headed part for a change of texture. He is not only passing things from hand to hand, but even manipulating them some to get them to turn around to do what he wants. That is pretty cool.

It was a very loud, happy dinner. Sierra and Cally are 8 and 6 and there was even a wrestling match for a while, that Jet watched in interest while he was held in my lap. He kind of peeked at the carnage in safe fascination. He did quite well with everyone that wanted to hold him. He also ate a whole jar of carrots in my lap while peering at people. Cole wouldn't even eat half a jar of anything, screaming while he was in the high chair, and then settled for a nap when it was a bit late for him. It was somewhat reassuring to see Sue and Del trading off eating and holding Cole much the way we used to do with Jet.

Cole is also having sleeping eccentricities, like Jet, but he has his hourly ups and downs late in the morning, from like 4 on. That was also cool to hear and talk over. There will be a time when they're through all that.

Isabel had made a whole salmon, layered with onions and lemon slices, it was really light and yummy. She also had a cous cous salad, and Gail had brought foccocia. The girls said that salmon tasted like 'dead fish' so they wouldn't eat it. Turns out, for some reason, they've gone most meatless for quite some time. They just don't seem to like the taste of it. So they just don't eat much of it, and they do eat a lot of dessert.

An interesting mix.

Jet did fine with the carrots until everyone had left, and he ate off me and went to sleep pretty easily. We'll see how he does tonight, after yet another party.

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