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July 18, 2001
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Meetings, A Mistake, and Rain

10:57 am: Jet had a great night last night, he was up briefly at 10:30, then was only up at 3:00 for a feeding before sleeping all the way to 6:30am.

I am still tired, but not too badly.

I'm spending most of today at work. From about 9:50-2 or so, when John may get here with Jet. I might even feed Jet here and do a few things around Boulder before going home. I don't know. I may just go home and collapse.

Work is three meetings. The developer's meeting, my 1:1, and then the FDK meeting.

5:02 pm: So much for that idea, well, the collapsing, that is. I did go to all the meetings. Chad, Sudipto, Bob and I had a bit of an adventure for lunch, though. We did go to the Boulder Farmer's Market for lunch, and I remembered the signs for the hour free parking on Wednesdays. So I parked in the same lot we were in Saturday. Too bad that wasn't the lot with the free parking. Oops. I got a twenty dollar parking ticket, and the guys were good enough to split the ticket's cost with me, so lunch cost everyone a good deal more than they actually paid for it. I did apologize to them for the mistake.

Ah well.

It was a good idea, though. The park was beautiful, the farmer's market was there along with all the food vendors, and both Chad and I got tomatoes and other produce.

I finally went to the tamale stand and got a tamole and a chile bean tamale. The tamole was filled with, you guessed it, chicken mole. Both were hot and tender, and when I opened them up, the tamale batter was filled with partially ground sweet corn kernels as well as the normal lyed, boiled, ground corn. The batter part of it was delicious, and it covered some really tasty centers. The mole was spicy and rich, and the chile had a lot of red, dried chile ground into a paste around red beans, onions and tomatoes. They were really good. I'll have to buy half a dozen frozen ones some day when I really feel like tamales.

I'd bought a bag of frozen corn tamales that I think this company made when we went to the Cheese Import shop over the weekend. So I didn't buy any today as I had to eat the ones that we had, first. It's my new rule about food, that I have to eat what I have before I can get more. This means, of course, that my chocolate purchases are probably going to have to wait a year or two before I can make them again.

The guys all went to the map shop on one end of 13th. I did some produce shopping while they peered at maps. I got more of those gorgeous tomatoes just for eating. I found some red potatoes because I have delusions about making potato salad some day. I ended up buying a bag of Rainier cherries as well, because they were just so pretty, and with local producers even if it did cost more than Safeway, I was supporting local businesses, which isn't a bad thing. Plus the cherries didn't have to come all the way from Washington.

Loaded down, I decided to go into the map store to see how the guys were doing. Sadly, Chad hadn't found what he wanted to buy, and we were running out of time for our 1pm meeting. I got mildly upset at the ticket and zoomed back to the office and the guys were really great and offered to pay part of it for me. That really helped.

My cell phone said that I had ten minutes until the meeting, so I ducked into the women's bathroom's shower room, and pumped both breasts for a while with the manual pump. It worked pretty well. At least gave me some relief. I should probably have done it before lunch or something. I'm going to have to figure out something for next week as this wasn't working quite the way I wanted it to.

The FDK team meeting is always going to be a mite problematic for me, so far as the timing. It's hard for me to be away from Jet and the pump at home for so long. I really should just go home for lunch instead of eating with everyone else. Especially when it's not really everyone in the group. Still, having a group lunch every Wednesday is a good group thing.

I'll have to see how it works out in the long run. I may just have to pick Jet up a little early, so I can get settled before the phone call into the meeting.

9:31 pm: The afternoon, itself, was far easier than most of the early part. I pretty much left work to itself after the meetings. I only got three hours in today, but I had nearly five on Monday. Tomorrow, Joan said she'd take Jet for four hours, so I should be okay for at least the time I get, plus whatever napping or playing time Jet might have in the afternoon. John has a late meeting, so he won't be able to come home early. Which, hopefully, means Friday will be easier.

I may even take some time to nap in the morning, around my 10 am meeting. I need the sleep, badly, and I can probably make it up in the afternoon or evening.

Jet and I mostly hung out, he ate after a short nap that started while we went home. I worked on the last couple of days because I had a problem with writing while folks were here. I seem to have a problem of people speaking to me so long as I'm in front of them. There were moments when the Brownlows were working on computers, so I was able to do a little bit. In fact, I got a comment from Deirdre that I really type fast. I can pretty much type as quickly as I can think through the structure of a sentence, which is very useful.

John got home around 5, and cheerfully did work stuff, and settled into home and playing with Jet. I got dinner started, putting chicken breasts on stuffing in the oven and cooking zucchini with onions and garlic and then tossing in half of the leftover sweet corn for vegetables. I also thinned some of the roast chicken gravy, and stirred it up and let it simmer for a while. The original gravy hadn't simmered for the 20 minutes a good gravy really needs for the flour to distribute really well into the liquid.

Then I fed Jet for a while as John made sure the chicken was done when the timer finally went off. Jet had eaten a jar of sweet potatoes and half a jar of green beans, so he wasn't too interested in eating hard. He just suckled a little bit, more snacking than eating, and fell asleep. I tucked him in the bedroom and we started eating our dinner.

He woke up about ten minutes later, and when I picked him up, he spit up all over the two of us. Poor kid. John cleaned us up, and I tucked him into his recliner. We then ate as he watched us. He was kind of groggy to start, but then he cheered up and started playing.

I put him sitting up in the midst of the Boppy and he spit up again. I guess a jar and a half was way too much for him to really handle. He wasn't eating much off me the rest of the evening.

I did get to go upstairs and unload my camera and then peek at LiveJournal to see if my free account was in place. It was! Yay! If I ever quit Xilinx, I might just go with LiveJournal for future updates, as the update mechanisms are really, really easy. I've never cared too much about the formatting of my journal, and am quite willing to let other people do the coding. It would be really nice not to have to jump through hoops every time I go to a new month. Still, I do like that I can do month summaries and year summaries and the folks that own flick have no problem with me being here, even when I take a fair chunk of disk space.

Then again, 22 meg in these days of multi-gig hard disks may well not be that much space. Shows you how old I am when I worry about two digits worth of megabytes.

Jet was really tired, even after a two hour nap between Joan's this morning and John taking care of him through until he brought him to work at 2.

I was really late out of the FDK team meeting, because it went far over it's time. I just left when it went to fifteen after the hour. I'm tired of inefficient meetings, or meetings without a focus, so folks in it just keep going and going and going until there really isn't anything to discuss, and I'm late for the thing I as supposed to be doing in that time. I found John wandering around the building with Jet in one arm.

Everyone who saw Jet in John's arm stopped to coo at him and he smiled back at everyone. He really seems to like exploring the place, and seeing the people. My Mom and Dad, on hearing that Jet had been at John's off-site the other day, said that they thought Jet would get really familiar with work and the people at work. That's likely true.

The evening is cool and breezy. There's a storm headed towards us from the south west, moving steadily north and east, and the trees are all sounding like surf, with the rush and roar of each puff of wind that comes by. I hope that the rain gets here when we go to sleep.

It would be nice to fall asleep to the sound of rain.

10:50 pm: It's the sound of water balloons. You know, that sound when a water balloon has been thrown and it hits the pavement, a wall, or you, and that big, juicy splat-spash as the balloon breaks and the water follows its old flight pattern and then splashes everything around. Splat-splash! Splat-splash!

That's the sound of the rain, right now.

Giant, juicy splashes for drops, like someone's throwing thousands of tiny bucketfuls of water at the earth. And the roof, the porch, the windows are all resounding to those hits and I can hear the water everywhere, running like crazy across the dry earth, the concrete. The sounds of the dozens of instant streams murmuring to themselves as they run along, being filled by thousands of angels flying, around missing each other with water balloons on a nearly unbearably hot summer day. Maybe the thunder is how they laugh? No wonder Fezzik liked talking back.

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