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July 17, 2001
two years ago
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Presentation In Person

2:20 am: Jet had the most sweetly wry smile after I'd had to strip him and dry him off after a diaper leak that had soaked him from shoulder to butt. He'd grabbed his feet and just given me this wry, sympathetic grin. We both were so tired. I dressed him in a light sleeper and we went back upstairs to settle him back down and he cuddled right in and fell asleep in my arms.

9:36 pm: Ugh, I'm so tired.

Jet was up at 12:30, 1, then 2 for the leak, 4am for another feeding, and finally John and I had to get up at 6:30 to see John out the door by 7. Jet woke up from the noise of us showering and stuff. So he was pretty groggy as well.

I got him to myself all morning and early afternoon. He napped for ten minutes after every time he nursed, and then played with me when I wasn't working the other hours I needed to work, other than the presentation. He was very patient on the most part. He played in his recliner upstairs with me while I did computer stuff until he got bored and frustrated, so I picked him up and put him in my lap while I typed around him.

Jet tried typing too, wildly swinging at my keyboard with both hands, and immediately hit Ctrl-Alt-Del. I am so glad I have a Win 2k machine that only brings up a task manager possibility instead of rebooting the way the old machines did. Of course it doesn't help that my special keyboard has the three notorious keys in close proximity to each other. Since he's got such short arms he's only able to hit the keys my thumbs can hit, and those are nearly all the special function keys.

Trip agrees with me that it's a sign that Jet'll be into Unix, not Windows, as he's so eager to kill my Windows machine.

Jet loves sitting up, now. For some reason just this last weekend he's suddenly caught the knack for stabilizing himself. Or maybe it was the whole last week with Joan. On Monday when I went to get him from Joan's, he was sitting amid a ring of pillows intently playing with a teething ring of Haley's. He was completely stable and fiercely concentrating on his toy, so much so he didn't even look up when I walked in. That's pretty cool.

Jet was cool all morning and early afternoon, eating every two hours and being really steady about it each time, no kicking or fussing or anything.

At 2, we left for Building A in Longmont. John's off-site was there, and he was willing to take Jet into his off-site while I did my presentation. So I zoomed on over, and realized I didn't know exactly which street to turn at, where and when. I only had a rough knowledge of the placement of the building relative to the Diagonal freeway (which, appropriately enough, runs diagonally east and north from Boulder to Longmont). So I figured it out relative to the major streets I knew, and I was able to actually see the building as I approached it.

Score one for the flatness here in Colorado.

We got there in plenty of time, and the nice security guy at the front desk had no clue where the meeting was. John had given me great directions, though, and when the guard produced a map, I spotted it instantly. I then borrowed a card for the building and took Jet and diaper bag upstairs. I peered into the main meeting room, and was then asked by a nice gentleman whom I was looking for. I said, "Rosty." and he pointed me to the right room.

It was really funny walking into that room to a chorus of feminine, "Oooo!"s. John laughed, took Jet and turned back to his meeting.

I ran for the car, much lighter without the baby carrier. I got to work a few minutes early, and then Bill cornered me to talk with me while I was there. We were both late for our meeting. I've been late to every meeting this week, so far. Ugh.

Anyway, it went well, though. My presentation got a lot of good questions, and some interesting thoughts about how to extend the capabilities of the test harness. If I have time before the process definition things go, I may well do some additions myself. Plus I need to figure out if it can be worked within the context of the company's build capabilities, too.

If would be really nice to have the tests run automatically whenever the system is built. Then there would be a clear way of showing that the build worked. I just have to research what kind of return values the test system already built into relman's builds is expecting from unit tests.

That would be a neat extension.

When I was done, we were all done, so I called John to ask him if I shouldn't just go back up to Longmont. He agreed, said that they had a little while to go, so he'd be around when I got there. I made it in plenty of time to still have a security guard at the front desk, so I got my badge back, and went up the stairs to the meeting rooms.

Jet hadn't eaten the whole time I was away, lending even more weight to the thought that he doesn't really need to eat so long as there's something interesting to do. I tried to get him to eat in one of the abandoned meeting rooms while John finished up stuff, and Jet would eat a while, then look around, then eat a while and then look around. He wasn't been particularly painful about it, but he was very intermittent.

He got a good drink off each boob, and finally just was so distracted, I just gave up. Tucked him in the car seat, and John was done, so the three of us left for Ichi-ban.

It's the one place around here that I remembered that might have good fast Japanese food. It was a little place, and it had a quick menu, and John asked the cashier what he recommended. The cashier said that he recommended the Yaki-udon, the noodle dish was good. John ordered the chicken katsudon, which was what I'd been eyeing. Donburi was the comfort food I'd been making last winter, and it'd been a while since I'd been able to make it.

Since John ordered it, however, I decided to order the yaki-udon, since he'd asked for the recommendation and it would be better to try a few things that they did to get a better appreciation for what they could do. Both dishes were very tasty, but I found myself longing for the donburi when I tasted John's rice soaked in the soup. That'll teach me to order for all the reasons other than 'I want that'.

We headed home. I don't know why, but Jet decided to cry the entire way home. It didn't help that John was driving the Stoat, and it's as slow as... well, a stoat. So I just passed it as I knew how to get home, and headed as quickly as I could towards home. We got stuck in the one light on the way home as it was rush hour. Jet wailed away in the back, and I just had to suck it up.

It's hard when I can't do anything.

We got home, and the minute I stopped the car, Jet stopped crying. He was all teary eyed and sad, and when I got him into the house and could finally undo his car seat and pick him up, he wrapped his arms around me and sniffled very sadly against me. I hugged him and cuddled him a lot and he felt much better and was soon playing with us.

John was even able to make him laugh. Jet's given quick chuckles before, but tonight John was actually able to tickle sustained laughter from him. That was pretty amazing. He just laughed and laughed, wriggling in delight, not trying to get away at all, from what I could see.

Mom and Dad called, and while I held the phone up to Jet, Jet got really quiet and looked at the phone talking to him. When Jet went back to playing, this time in his exersaucer, he started yelling from sheer exuberance, loud squawks and squeaks and squeals. Mom was laughing so hard from all the noise, she couldn't even talk for a while. That was pretty funny.

I also tucked Jet into his Boppy on the couch, I put his toys around him, and he would play with them for a while and then go an intently study and play with the tag attached to the center of the inside of the Boppy. The Boppy is just a sort of ring-like cushion that has an opening at the back. I wrap it around my waist and use it to support Jet's weight when I feed him. It can wrap around Jet while he's sitting, so if he falls in any direction other than straight back, he'll land on the cushion. With a couch or cushion behind him he's perfectly supported for sitting.

Jet's got the tripod stance pretty well down pat, since the weekend, it seems he'd gotten a bunch more stable. He'll lean forward a bit, and steady himself with a hand on the Boppy or on the floor and study the things in front of him. He can be very intent in his play this way, too.

He went to sleep pretty easily, and I didn't stay up too much after that. I'm exhausted.

I'm very glad Joan's feeling better, but no matter how long she takes him tomorrow, I'm not going to get any benefits from it, as I'll be at work. John will get the time to do stuff, which is good in its own way, but I'd really been hoping for a nap today.

Still, I know how bad it is to get hit with an illness when one was planning to do something, and I did cope okay with today. I guess I'll just have to look forward to trying to sleep on Thursday or something.

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