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July 19, 2003
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Rebecca in Dragonflies

7:58 pm: I made the mistake of starting that book last night, and by the time I got out of the bathroom (sitting on the floor reading was getting uncomfortable, mildly) I was mildly surprised to find sunlight creeping in the shades. It was already 4:30 am.


I guess I *have* been catching up on my sleep...

I slept in until 10. After hearing tiny feet pattering all over fairly soon after I went to bed. Turned out that Jet got up at 5:30, and was having a grand old time. By the time I actually go up, Jet had already gone down for his nap. So I had some breakfast, read some newspaper, finished the book, and packed up Jet's diaper bag for our lunch adventure

Jet got to nurse for about ten minutes before we piled into the car and headed over to the U District to see Rebecca. It was actually quite fun. We got there, and she took us on a walk through the U District to a very, very god Pho place on University. It was excellent. Clear, fragrant broth, perfectly cooked noodles, paper-thin meats,, chewy crisp tripe, and lots of fresh vegetables. All the appropriate sauces were available, and we each doctored our own bowls the way we wanted them.

Jet dove into a huge lump of just noodles and ate them all. Then he started diving into John's bowl with a big spoon for the soup. He did pretty well at first, while he was motivated and still a little hungry or thirsty. When he was satiated, though, he got messy.

Rebecca didn't seem to mind. She was quite beautiful in a gray sheath with dragonflies, iridescent, on it. Quite beautiful.

When we walked back, Jet refused to walk and then refused to be carried any way but in my arms. He even wouldn't let John carry him, so John and I finally negotiated with Jet enough to have him sit on my shoulders. He kicked me in the head only a few times before he realized that he just wasn't going to be able to be carried in his usual way and he quieted and started looking around at all the people walking below him.

I think the arm carry is more secure for him, but the shoulder perch does give him a pretty good view.

We walked back and went into the apartment Rebecca was sharing with Anna for a bit. We got to talk for a while before our parking time ran out. Jet also started with suitable shyness for a new area, but ended up fighting John for possession of a seven-foot staff with a skull on top. Yeah. Jet could *just* lift it and swing it around with authority. Oops. I didn't want him breaking the skull, and he was gradually getting more and more squirrelly, so it was time.

We took our leave, and I got to give Rebecca a big hug. It was nice to have seen her and talked with her for real.

We headed home. Jet got to drink some limeade and water. We all also got to see the bridge at the Montlake cut go up. I even took Jet out of his car seat for a bit, so that he could go up and see it. When it came back down John gave Jet a piece of candy and that made it easy to get him back into his seat.

It's interesting remembering my childhood of sliding around in the back seat or rolling around in the back of the station wagon, and then contrasting all that with the diligence of how we strap Jet into his chair. He's used to it, though, so he doesn't fight it all the time.

When we crossed, he told me about the boats on the big water, and all the cars on the freeway. He talked all the way home, and had a blast running around and playing with George and Isabel.

For our evening's entertainment, we went to Yea's Wok and had a great dinner. Tea smoked duck, salt and pepper prawns, dry cooked string beans, and eggplant with pork were the dishes we had, and they were all good. Jet ate a plateful of rice, and tried a little of the ground pork, but insisted on pouring his tea on his rice and only eating it after that.

He did good. He was pretty patient with things, especially once he got to sit in my lap when he was done eating. He plowed through three fortune cookies. One really funny thing was that when I asked for two extra fortune cookies, before even opening his, Jet wanted to trade George for the other cookie. Turned out that when George opened his cookie, there was no fortune!! George had gotten another cookie with the fortune, "You love Chinese food." He wanted a 'real' fortune and ended up with a third cookie that finally yielded him a more traditional fortune.

I got the same fortune I'd gotten when we went to dim sum the other day. It was odd to have the same thing twice in such a short time, but it said, "God made you a face, now you make yourself another." Which has been very intriguing to think about, as it could be good or bad or neither and just a fact or a bit of reality for everyone as they all go through identity crises at points in their lives and change for a new life.

"Howl's Moving Castle" really helped me think some more about the role of dutiful eldest, and how I've broken out of a lot of that. It'll be interesting to see how or even if I break out of my old family roles in constructive ways in the end.

Anyway... From there we hit the local produce stand, and bought some gorgeous strawberries that were just beautiful. Jet kept throwing himself out of my arms trying to reach them saying, "My berries! My berries!" But after we'd bought them he forgot al about them when he saw the M&M's in some trail mix. He kept wanting to get that instead...

The lady at the stand needed to get rid of bananas and she got the ear of George and sold him ten pounds of bananas for less than two dollars. It was pretty fun. They're just ripe bananas, and in the summer heat they were going really quickly. So he got a lot of bananas for a good price. Mmmm... reminded me a lot of the saying, "Technology has the shelf life of a ripe banana." Speaking of which... it was cool to get a good look at the Seattle paper. There's a whole computer section that's more about the kinds of things I'm interested in knowing about than the 'what's the coolest web site we just found' type 'tech' stuff in the Denver paper. I actually found out about the new Palm handhelds and what difference there is in their capabilities, and the fact that Palm is buying Handspring later this year.

That last bit kind of floored me. I may have to buy my refurbished Visor sooner rather than at my birthday if I'm going to guarantee that I have one. There were lots of interesting tech bits in just that section.

Sorry... back to bananas... we bought fruit and then went to the Eastgate park, where Jet, John, Isabel and George got out to play and I got to sit here in the van and write for a bit. They're having a good time, and a pack of kids just arrived, so Jet's running around trying to keep up with all of them. He's even racing them up the hills a they run around in the woods rather than just all over the climbing area.

Soon after that, they left, and he tried to follow them and led John on a merry chase through the woods. Jet played a bit longer, but was so tired he kept falling. After the second bad fall, they quit and he came to get a big hug from me before we headed back to the house.

John showed the little bits of video we've taken up to this point, and then George and John gave Jet a bath.

Jet was SO tired by the end of the bath all he could do was wail as they dried him, lotioned him, and dressed him. It was kind of hard to get his teeth brushed, but when they did, he came over to me, nursed for five minutes and was dead asleep. This was good after staying up until 10:30 the night before and getting up at 5:15. So I put him to bed, and we all went to sleep. I needed it, badly, after last night.

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