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July 20, 2003
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1:12 pm: Church was a big success with Jet. We went to Eastgate Congregational, today, and Jet got a whole roomful of toys and another two-year-old to play with that could run just as fast as he could and play just as hard. Besides, he could say her name, "Zoweee!" he'd cry as he barreled around the hallways. Zoe is two months younger than Jet, and they had a blast together in the nursery and afterwards as well.

They ran, they jumped, then talked to each other, they hid from each other, they pushed each other, and Jet accidentally whacked Zoe in the head with a giant crayon. They were great together, and had a great time. They both thought there ought to be cake after the service, and went and asked the coffee servers for cake. Hee. There wasn't anything to eat at all, so they ran around instead.

The service was good. I enjoyed it a lot. Mostly about taking the time to rest, and be quiet in deserted places. That Jesus actually told all this guys to take a break, go out in the desert where there weren't any people and recharge for a bit. Of course, people everywhere followed him and them, and he couldn't find a place to rest that didn't have people that needed healing, teaching or helping. And maybe the lesson is that there is a multitude of need out there, and to properly address it one has to rest, too. I liked that.

After everyone had left and Zoe's mom and we were outside, and she wanted Zoe to say good-bye, I told Jet to say good-bye to Zoe and give her a hug and a kiss. The two looked at each other, and then both of them bent forward from the waist and landed a very delicate, quick kiss on each other on the lips. It was very, very cute.

Two teenage girls from inside the church burst out in exclamations of cuteness. Isabel lamented the lack of a camera trained on the two of them at that time, and then we spent a while trying to get them to do it again. Zoe got shy about it and hid behind her mom, while Jet, businesslike, stumped around and tried to get another peck in on Zoe's cheek. It was pretty crazy. *grin*

But Zoe got Jet in a headlock soon after that and they got in a kiss that George got in living color. Hee.

Home, lunch, and Jet was so tired, he was grumpy about everything. So I grabbed him, nursed him, and he's now asleep. Yay for nap times!

I had a very quiet afternoon and evening. I mostly read Kevin Hartman's Gumshoe Gorilla, only realizing, near the end of it, that it is actually the second book of the series. The first book had such an involved name that I just assumed it was the second book. There was quite a lot of the background that had to be absorbed quickly in the second, and some of it is either throwaway or there has to be a third book. Given that the second was printed in 2001, the third may well be out soon or already out or something.

It was fun. I liked the multi-view approach and enjoyed the stories wrapped around multiple plot lines, dreams, and interactions. The voices weren't quite as distinct as in something like Sturgeon's Godsbody, but they were individual enough to tell them apart fairly quickly. With all the Southern Baptists running around, I would have though someone's thought processes would be in that language, but none of them were.

I enjoyed it a lot, and am actually looking forward to reading the first book, too, now.

Dinner was salads of various types. George, Isabel and John took Jet to the park nearby and he had a blast. He also rode the backpack without any protests and did great. He was pretty tired tonight, which was good.

John and I planned our trip tomorrow, to Vancouver. Took a little time to book a good hotel in the middle of town, and look up a few addresses. I have my Lush addresses in the Visor, already, and we'll see what else we want to visit.

I'm a little anxious about not having the breast pump, but I should be okay, it's not like I've ever had that much luck with the pump when I did have it on the last couple of trips, either in production or in relief, particularly, of pressure. So we'll see how it goes. Worst case, I guess, we'll have weaned Jet, finally, after threatening to do so from when he was three months old.

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