July 10, 1997

The sky last night was utterly gorgeous. There were great clots of clouds all crowded together in the sky, huge clouds and little clouds, areas of clouds that were misty fine and others that were stretched out into thousands of strata. Between some was an incredibly blue sky, and there was one crack in the clouds that glowed an eyesearing silver as the sun was right behind the white, grey and then black bulk of the clouds. There were entire areas along the horizon that were the color of black opal, all blues, blacks, purples, and a streak of evening pink all crowded together.

It was also raining. Of course. And we were on our way to a soccer game.

It was one of those games where we not only had only seven people on our side but the other side not only had a full team but an extra five substitutes. It's one of those games where I don't really mind losing, and I don't much care if they score when they have a four on me. What frustrated the hell out of me was that they kept using only their men to score rather than giving their women a little more experience while they could. They played punt and run the whole game rather than giving passes to their women, which just pissed the hell out of me. There is no honor in that kind of game, especially for the winning side.

There was one guy who just couldn't turn his game down even when his team was ahead by six goals. He was smashing into our guys, taking out knees and the ref wasn't calling shit. He also scored three of the goals without once passing to his women. I finally got tired of him scoring, so I stayed on him hard, and stopped backing down. There was one high ball, where both he and I went straight at each other for the header, he had a mass advantage, but I think I had speed. We both went up and met shoulder to shoulder and he went down hard. I got called for the foul, didn't say a thing and that guy just didn't go into my part of the field anymore. Good enough for me.

I played and played well, I think, keeping up my defense even through to the end of the game. I was slightly surprised that my calves didn't cramp up eventhough my legs were just exhausted by the end of the game. I've now got a a foot long bruise on the inside of the right thigh were I trapped a high punt. It's got not only the trademark pentagons and hexes but also a few really regular spots of blood from where the stitching went just a bit further in. <sigh>

I'm rather sore this morning, but content. Playing usually gets me to be a bit more sane and a bit more even keeled.

Work is still insane, there is just too much to do and too little motivation to do it. We'll see how that goes.

Nicest thing is that the kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen again. There wree weeks when there was nothing but bare studs, wires and pipes, and now there is an actual floor, the lower cabinets are in, and Dave hooked up the stove and is putting the sink in today after putting all the laminate on the counters.

During most of the kitchen construction we've kept the door to the master bedroom closed. And I was very glad of that last night when I walked into the house and it reeked of laminate glue. When I wandered up into our room and opened the door and walked in, it was such a lovely joy to just breath deep of a room that was scented with nothing but the scent of rain from outside and the woods outside. It was delicious to just stand there and breath.

Everything small thing that David does now makes a big difference in how the kitchen acts. It's very much nicer now. There's the floor yet to do and all the upper cabinets and a bit of plumbing for the dish washer. It may be just a few more weeks until this all is done. Whew.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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