A Liralen's Adventures Through Life -- July 1997

These are the first entries that started in on a somewhat daily format. They were written when I could write 'em and covered a month when I dyed my hair, and finally came to grips with with a depression that was eating me alive.

July Stuff:

July 7
What *is* the opposite of 'disillusioned'?
July 8
Talking to Trees.
July 9
Beauty, books and tea.
July 10
Clouds and soccer and kitchens.
July 11
Negatives, futures, and the Church
July 15
A visit down South, gaming, movies, Carl Rigney and fun
July 16
Courage, chaos and crowns
July 17
Aliens, shoulds and bisexuals
July 18
Happy Buddha, not-blues, and cutting shadows with knives of glass
July 21
A Hot, simple weekend.
July 22
Ball in the face and the depths of mens souls
July 23
Ease, visits and dreams
July 24
Thoughts, aliens, and rationality
July 25
Drunken revels, Net Community, and a dream
July 28
Crucibles, Sauk River, and The Man
July 29
Batteries, jerks and kicking things
July 30
Contact, That Which Is, and friends
July 31
Soccer, mochas, and pictures of a six foot tall Chinese Redhead

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