July 21, 1997

The weekend was blazingly hot for Seattle, up in the 90's. I know the Arizonans would laugh at me for that, but that's okay. It was hot enough to get burnt in less than a day, even for my genetically advantaged skin.

The car show Saturday was just hot hot hot, and we got there early enough to sign up and get in and park in nice places and find some shade for Fezzik. The show itself was like the usual British car show, mostly sitting around and talking with people, wandering about to see all the pretty cars, and then sit down in the shade, eat some stuff and talk some more with the club folks. Eventually getting to the awards and then folks wandering off to BBQ's and other stuff. It was hot, lazy and comfortable and somewhat fun.

I was completely socialized out, though, from the last several weeks, so it was something of a relief to have driven to Bellevue Community College in two Landies, so I could just go home when John and Fezzik went to the BBQ and they could socialize a lot. John's definitely the extrovert of the family and Fezzik's pretty darned closed to him. I just went home, had some eggplant sauce from Trader Joes on spagetti, took a cool shower, and went to sleep soon after. Tired and too hot.

It's very, very nice to have a marriage where the two of us aren't joined at the hip. So that if one wishes to do something or go somewhere, they aren't limited solely by what the other wishes to do. Yeah... to the full extent of even my flying all the way down to the Bay Area on a regular basis and enjoying my gaming there.

Sunday was church and then skipping the church picnic in favor of going home, tackling Fezzik and washing him, and clipping his belly until he was completely bare there. He really needed the cooling mechanism, and was very content to just lie on his back while John and I went at his belly and the mats there with scissors. He wasn't nearly as calm about our using brushes on him, so we may just have to use scissors on more of him than we'd like. Afterwards, he was really happy to just lie around and watch us. BBQ'ing in our back yard, eating sweet corn and watching a little baseball. John then painted part of the house while I tried doing some calligraphy after doing arm/hand exercises and I found that my right hand was just shaking.

There are times, still, when I think that my arms/wrists/hands will never get better again. And then there are times when I realize that that black and white a picture will never quite work. Today is likely my last physical therapy session and we'll see how far I've actually managed to get.

All together a simple weekend.

My brain is going completely nuts trying to get everything done for work that has to be done. But it seems to be a common ailment of all engineers that seem to be any good at what they do. Nearly all of us seem to be massively overworked. Which bodes well for a job market, but bodes badly for any hope of a non-stressful life. I guess I would rather be super busy than bored, though.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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