July 31, 1997

Had a good game last night, much calmer than the one before. Things went really well, on the most part, eventhough, when I got home before the game, I just fell into bed and slept for the entire forty five minutes before John had to wake me up to get to the game. I was exhausted to start.

Marymoore is a big park just south of Redmond, so it was a very short drive, and we stopped by a Target on the way to the game because on Monday night, during a sideways header, I lost an earring to the ball. It left a bit of a gash along the left side of the face, and for a few days afterwards I was wearing mismatched earrings. We bought me a pair at Target, looked for a few other things and then went to the game. Fezzik was a happy dog in the topless Stoat because he didn't even have to put his head out to have a facefull of wind.

The game itself was hard for me. Mostly because I was tired and sore to begin with and it was achingly hard to start. It also looked like we weren't going to have a full team at the start, and we didn't until the first half of the first half had gone by. I played the fullback position efficiently but without much style. And I knew I was in the correct position when the girl I was guarding took a shot and whacked me across the right side of the face with the ball. That's two times in less than a week. I went down and lay down on the bleachers until I could feel my face again. What was kinda frightening was that my right eye had been super, supoer bloodshot just before I'd gone home, even, and to have the blow right over the eye that was giving me problem earlier kinda bugged me.

Negative thoughts...

Greg was absolutely excellent last night. He'd been suffering a bit of a slump in shooting a while back and Pat and everyone had been feeding him the ball constantly, just to see if he could get his shot back on. We were all hoping for him. And last night he came out of the game with a hat trick[1].

I went back into the game later, and did well. Had more fun running down the guys that they were starting to send in all the time. The last ten minutes were really action packed and Erin did at least half a dozen good, hard saves. He's really, really fast and quick when the ball is at all near him, and he's *good* with his reactions in that they're nearly always the most intelligent thing to do. At one point, they lobbed a ball up nearly over his head, and he dove backwards to get it and knock it out. Wow. That was very sweet to see.

So we won 3 to 1. They were a good team to play, in that while they played hard and were physical, they didn't whine and didn't complain and were good sports all around.

The shower felt really, really good. And it was kinda funny to look into the mirror before the shower and see my hair nearly silver from all the dust and this big imprint of a soccer ball, all hexes and pentagons, on my face. No, I'm not going to get a tatoo of it done. Just no. Strange mind, mine.

The kitchen is beautiful now. Really keen, neat, filled with cool Stuff and ready for cooking, washing, and living in and through and on. Gotta actually organize the shelves this coming weekend, or something. It's pretty amazing being able to cook again and wash again without it being an extra hassle. The new fan and light over the stove just amaze me each time I use them, and the gas stove does stuff I only dreamed about a while ago..

Sadly all the pictures of my hair were probably color adjusted so that the hair itself wasn't green. Just the blue showed up. Or something. So I'm probably going to have to send it back and say, "look, the hair is green. It's supposed to be!"


Adam at work was really keen and scanned my blond pictures for me. Here's the thumbnails. I'll get the full pictures on sometime or another, but they seem an awful waste of space...

The banana split soy mocha I'm having this morning is a real comfort. Yes, it really amuses me to be able to say that. It's warm and creamy feeling to the mouth and is sweet and caffinated and just a tiny touch tropical for a really brilliant morning. Summer really is here, and it's brilliant out each day. Hot and sunny and a real joy to be out in it. I'm getting my usual soccer tan, t-shirt sleeve tan on the arms, and just the thighs are tan because my shins are under shin guards and socks to keep the shin guards up. Face is all tan, too. Also using a lot of mosquito repellent during the games, as they come out in the dusk.

Got the last three inches of my hair chopped off mostly because the stuff was really dead and bugging me and partially to show Paula what my hair looked like. She loved it. Thought the varigation really striking and she really liked the fact that Angie had gotten both the bleach and the dye throughout all my thick hair. That was very keen. I'm glad that she liked it, as Paula has always impressed me as something of a hair stylist engineer, she knows hair, how it works, what it does. She's been doing it for 22 years.

Problem is that she's been doing it for 22 years as a private contractor in many ways... so she has no benefits, no paid vacations, and no savings or retirement plan. So she's going to go work for Boeing as a person who runs around binning parts in the appropriate slots so that other people can use them. She's also going to be learning how to use a computer, so that's good, and she's never touched a PC before. They'll also pay for her to take classes and update her technical skills, so that'll be keen as well.

But it's very sobering, for me at least, to see someone that goes from doing something that she really loves and is talanted with to something she's never done before simply for financial security. Not that I haven't been doing that all my life... but I've always avoided trying to do the thing that I'd love and can't make a living at to make the money to insure the security for 'The Future'. I was glad for her, for the learning she'll be doing and the new things she'll experience, and she's going to stay with the clientel she's built in the last two decades by still doing hair part time, during the days, as she'll be doing swing shift at Boeing. So she's not cutting herself completely off. It's just something that gets me thinking, is all.

In some ways, she has what Markleford wanted so badly, which was a job where she was working solely for herself, doing the creative things she wanted to do; and she's giving it all up for security and she really does seem like she's going to be happier for it.

I surprised myself and also dropped off my Birkies for repairs, bought a pile of Victoria's Secret cotten underwear since the stuff was on sale, deposited my pay check, got some cash, went home and ate lunch while looking for the Dragonflight[2] information, and finally found it while munching on corn dogs with Fezzik following me hopefully drooling. Ate lunch, filled out the form and check and then drove by the Redmond post office and mailed it. I had to get it out today in order to beat the deadline of tomorrow for getting everything in. Okay, okay, so I discovered that the deadline was actually August 8th... but I thought it might be that it had to be there by that date...

Sister Kathy wants me to go to London for the World Fantasy Convention in late October, and Patricia McKillip will be there and I'm just... yeesh. I have to go. She's the author that made up the Liralen to begin with, and it's just... I dunno, maybe a pilgramage or something. I don't know if she'd like the fact that a human being took on the huberis of taking that name on; but that's life... McKillip is the only one that was every able to capture what it really felt like to have multiple 'us's' in one body very well, and it haunts me still. I wonder if she knew that having both the Blammor and the Liralen be one being was a reflection of something else within her as well.

[1] A hat trick is three goals by the same person. In hockey folks throw hats onto the ice after the third one. back to text

[2] Dragonflight is a games convention in Seattle, they do everything from board games to role playing games, to computer games and a few others besides. Since a number of games companies are based here, it's low key, small, and very, very good. back to text

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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