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July 29, 1998
a year ago


I was still sore from Saturday, I found out. In fact, just getting up the driveway from the house showed me just how sore. An inauspicious beginning to what would eventually be a fifteen mile ride. But, it turned out, the auspices were wrong. Which is good.

The day dawned cooler than the one previous. John said that it was a low pressure point in Eastern Washington was bringing in air from the ocean, so it was starting to cool. It was good riding weather in the morning, plenty of shade from the sun. My legs were lightly aching, but not badly, and it was fun to ride.

Got passed along the East Lake Sammamish road by a guy on a road bike, with a cheery "Good Morning!" Made me long, for a moment, for my road bike, as the mountain bike is very agile, but not that swift on the long, straight flats. The gearing and the tires are wrong for that. I may need to swap to compromise tires, that have road surface on the inside and a few toes along the outside edges. Would make it possible to do much road work, but still have a grip with the bits of dirt and gravel that we do ride through.

Though the nubbies were excellent on the mud.

But I loved the smooth, slender elegance of my touring bike. I may just take it in and have it completely refurbished when I have my mountain bike tuned. I miss its high speed capabilities on the flats. Though, honestly, if I'm doing this in order to improve my leg strength, the slower, more reps way of the mountain bike is likely better for my legs. Sometimes, though, I just want to get to work faster.

As I was riding, I heard a flutter of wings in the greenery off the side of the road, a 12 foot tall shrubbery rattled softly and then there was, right there, the screaming cry of a hawk. Maybe that's what I love about riding, the ability to be right there. Right in the moment of motion and in the midst of the world rather than wrapped up by steel and glass and a speed beyond most of the world's other creatures. Maybe.

In small doses it can be a tonic.

Work was stuffed full of Stuff to be done. I slipped in the pre-designed code in less than half an hour. Nice to know that design really does buy me nearly instantaneous implementation. The time to get the testing software done took longer than the actual code. That amused me. But better now than later.

Markleford has taken to showing up on tooMUSH and it's been comforting to just sit and talk with him. He is likely going to be coming up to Redmond next week to do work with Microsoft, and will be staying a few extra days to talk and visit. It's funny. I have kinda mixed feelings about it all, part Christmas in that I'll be getting something I've wanted for a while and part fear about how it's going to go.

Lunch was a quick hop across the street and deli sandwiches. The walk hurt a bit, as I was sore from the ride in the morning. Lunch itself was simple and quick and light enough that I enjoyed it. I also bought a big bag of corn chips as I had salt cravings. All the heat had leeched the salt from me, it seems. So I kept having salt cravings. The chips solved most of that, though, which was good. It was still hot outside at noon, in the low-80's or so.

We worked through to about 7 p.m. as the sun started to slant towards the horizon, and the world started to cool a bit. I was sore for most of the day, and was a bit worried about getting home. Thompson has this monster hill that I had to stop on the time before, and that's at the end of the ride. But it was an odd fear because I knew that if I took it with persistence, I'd make it.

I did, too. Did the ride in less than forty minutes when it had taken an hour the time before, made it up the Hill without stopping once, and even made it down the driveway with a lot more control. That was very sweet.

But I stiffened up pretty quickly, afterwards and realized that what Dr. Thayer had warned me of was very true. That with these big rides, I'd likely do them once every two or three days, be sore for most of the time in between and not do my small, persistent and boring exercises every day. It's very likely I'll be way too sore tomorrow to want to do much.

John mowed the lawn while I cleaned myself up. He was going to make taco salad, so I just hung around and read and basically putzed away time until he was done with stuff outside. But I started getting really hungry. Probably with all the exertion of the day, so I finally just cut myself some bread, poured a bit of olive oil and basalmic vinegar and cut a bit of cheese and had bread and cheese to satisfy the worst of my hunger. That worked out pretty well.

Some Bandicoot jumping and taco salad later, it was about 1 a.m. when we went to sleep. I was so utterly sore and tense still from the pressure at work, so I drank one of the Hansen's D*STRESS potions before going to sleep. John had a 9 a.m. conference call with our French branch the next morning, so we had to get up early. I was so sore getting into bed that I worried about not being able to get to sleep, and it was only after I lay on my right side, with the right leg completely supported by the bed that I had even a chance at it. Even with the herbal help.

But once I managed a comfortable position, I dropped off completely.

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