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July 30, 1998
a year ago


Lovely, cool day today. Grey skies and early, quick showers so light, the pavement would darken and lighten in thirty minutes' time.

Lots and lots and lots to do, today, so I did.

We had to get in early for John's conference call, so we did mochas at Victor's and then went in with caffeine, but my brain was just slow and tired and while it was pretty straightforward, what I had to do, I think I took it at half speed from lack of sleep.

Lunch helped, some. We went and mailed my J. Petermen's dress back to 'em, because it just wasn't as classy as the other dresses. I'd bought it on seeing it in the catalog and part of the problem was that they didn't have my size, and the other part of the problem was that the poses in the catalog, with this one, at least, didn't really show how it moved, or, in this case, didn't move. So I returned it and got another pair of the coin pants, in rust, this time.

We stayed fairly late. I burnt out around 7 p.m. and wandered on-line to talk with Eric/Pat about the story with Eduardo, Sephar, and Pat. That was really fun, to bounce ideas off him, images and to get cool bounces back. Eventually, John finished with what he was doing and we were off.

Lunchtime had been at Tombo's, which is our favorite Japanese fastfood place, and next door was an independent distributor of music. They had a copy of Delerium's Karma so I bought it and have been playing it steadily since. The songs help my brain keep going with work, and let me just dive deep under the surfaces.

They also really shaped the story that Eric and I talked over.

We dropped by the grocery store on the way home to find some fish for dinner, as I wanted to try the bread crumb breading on fish. But they had some silver salmon there that was so fresh it was amazing, so I had to get those, instead. They were just as amazing as they looked. Tender, fresh and lovely. I just quick fried 'em in butter and served 'em with Trader Joe's au gratin potatos. I think I should probably try and make my own recipe of those. These were darned salty. And it can't be too much more difficult than layering potatos with cheese and herbs and then pouring milk and butter over 'em, and it would probably taste so much better.

John mowed the lawn while I cooked. We ate dinner, watched a Mariner's ballgame, and a few minutes after we finished eating the skies just opened up and it *poured*.

John ran out to put the seats down on the Stoat. And then we just listened to the rain come roaring down. Fezzik started running around and barking when the thunder came. As usual, he wanted out into the storm to go chase the thunder gods, but we kept him in.

The walk, afterwards, was cool, drippy, marvelous in the dark. The scents of the earth and rain, the greenery all soaking up the wet was heavy with richness. A musky, deeply damp perfume laced with high notes of green. Yum.

When we got back, I took a warm bath after the cool dampness. Used the Abra sleep bath salts, and did as the directions asked, this time, rather than pouring the salts in the water as the bath was being drawn, I stirred 'em in after the water was all in. Then I submerged myself and breathed for a while.

I was pretty much instantly into REM sleep the moment I hit the bed. Wild dreams that came mostly from my discussion with Eric about angels and Falling and possessions. Lots of odd stuff that didn't quite string together into a plot or storyline, but it was urgent and interesting to work through. Well, if I needed any proof that the bath salts actually work, I guess I got it.

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