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July 2, 1999
a year ago

Flying Burros and Tarzan

Endorphins are good things.

Especially since everything was sore from yesterday. John and I stopped at the Flying Burro, which just opened last Monday and ordered stacked green chile enchiladas. New Mexican style food is pretty hot, and the stacked enchilada is just a couple of corn tortillas with onions, cheese, and some green chile sauce all topped with more sauce and cheese and broiled 'til everything's well melted. The green chiles are hot.

I've never really liked hot food before. Finally, I realized that eating hot food is a bit like running when it hurts and you want to just keep pushing at it. The pain's just pain, nothing really getting damaged, but it's still there, and it's still pushing hard against the sensation and I finally really got what John gets out of eating hot food when I started just crying from how hot it was. All the muscles that were aching and sore from the running yesterday just melted in the heat of all that, afterwards and I was pretty much without pain for the rest of the afternoon. THAT was an unexpected side-benefit from eating that lunch.

The lunch was pretty tasty, too. And the heat was a slow-building kind of thing, and went away pretty soon after lunch, which was nice.

The day itself was pretty okay. Got a few things done, got back into my scheduling thingy so that I could even remember what it was that I was doing, and that was pretty keen, all in all.

I wanted to see a movie in the evening, so I looked around the web sites here for local theaters, as we still haven't figured out where all the movie theaters are or how to get to them from work and stuff, and found one that I thought was close that had both Tarzan and Wild Wild West, as I hadn't really figured out which one I wanted to see. The web reviews rated Tarzan far, far higher than WWW, and Kathy really liked Tarzan as well, so I thought that would be the better thing to target.

So I set the timing for one Crossroads Theater, which I thought was in a shopping center near work, but it turned out to be the theater in the parking lot at Whole Foods!

Before the movie we dropped by the Brewing Company and got espresso and mugs to hold it in, as most of our travel mugs were wide bottomed, rather than the narrow-bottomed ones we needed for Borax and the Passat. The necessities of life, you know? I was tired of spilling mocha on myself on the way to work when Borax hit bumps, so it was nice to get something with a cover and with something that could make it spill-proof for bumps. I also got some decaf for evening iced drinks. Espresso's the only thing I really like for making iced coffee drinks as real coffee gets watered down too much by the ice.

John also wanted a book on HTML, so we stopped by the Borders bookstore just outside the theater. I wandered into the SF&F section, which wasn't that wise a thing to do, and got three books. One was Woodwife by Terry Windling, which Jenn recommended, and the other was a Where To Take Your Dog in the Denver area kind of book, which had listings of B&B's that allow dogs and all the trails and stores and the like that allow dogs within them. That looked like a fun book to discover with Fezzik. I almost got the cryptography novel by Stephenson, but I remembered just how much I hate the fact that he can't end a book, so I couldn't buy the hardcover.

Tarzan was really fun to watch, for me. It's a very Disneyesque version of the story, they did the usual complete rending of the book plot to make it work in a children's cartoon version. But they did a good job for their medium, as far as I could tell. The action sequences were fascinatingly fluid and near unto X-Game type action. I really enjoyed watching that. I also cried through the opening sequence, even before all the credits had rolled through, and laughed a lot over the young-Tarzan. Tarzan's movement and motion and body language was arrestingly powerful. I really enjoyed how he moved and how he flowed from here to there. The way the physics seemed to work really caught my attention and reminded me of the breathtaking motions that a lot of the extreme atheletes go through, graceful, powerful, and reckless of the possible prices if they failed. Courage in action.

I'll also admit, quite readily, that for all that it was an absolutely enormous change from the Burrough's original, the changes were all changes that I really enjoyed and liked. Jane reminded me more of the librarian in The Mummy than the screaming, brainless twit of a blonde in the Burrough's books. The gorillas were more the family dynamics of what we now know of gorillas than the man-eating, stupid, and brute idiot apes in the Burrough's books. I really liked it as it turned out.

Got home and found all three Jane Austen books in the mail from Amazon, so I'm going to have to read that, I think, sometime.

After running yesterday I'm pretty convinced that I'm not going to be able to make 5k, meager as that is, before the beginning of August. I'm going to make progress, though, get *somewhere*, somehow. Get some of that motion back, try swimming, get in more biking, real biking, with some thought of really pushing things again. My limits are pretty narrow, right now, and it isn't going to take all that much to push them back. It's just going to take action, doing it. I'm in no shape at all right now.

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