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July 26, 1999
a year ago

Storms and Stillness

Sunday was mostly just sitting at home and resting, post-party.

I spun up more silk sock yarn and watched Food Network all day. John took one look and said, "Phyllis-Heaven." Simple.

Got to talk with my sister a lot, on the phone. That was very, very nice. Always nice to keep in touch with her and range over a dozen different topics of interest that we share, from food to pens, tech work to weather, and family stuff to mail order. It's very, very cool how much we share.

Later on in the afternoon clouds rolled in and then gusting winds hit us, hard. So hard that one of the scroll paintings in the front hallway got halfway ripped from it's moorings. The chairs that were on the front porch started banging around. So John and I rushed out into the wind and stowed them back in the protected cubby. Then the rain came just lashing down.

Fezzik, through all this, was meandering about in the yard, oblivious. He liked being out there, and at one point when the wind was just howling around the house, the trees bent to thirty degrees, and we had shut everything up to keep the water and wind out, he was lying in the yard chewing on one of his multitude of rib bones. Eventually, he noticed something and banged on the back door to get in. I let him in by wrestling the door open slowly and then wrestling it closed. He took five steps into the house and then shook. Sprayed everything in a seven foot radius with water. Gah! Yelled at him, and when he went out again, I made absolutely sure that he shook before coming back into the house.

The rain was marvelous. Lots of it, soaked the yard, the trees, and the porch. There was a good inch of water in a bowl that had been left outside, so it was a good indication of just how much water got laid down by the nice storm.

Supper was leftovers, as was lunch. I wrote a bit in the evening, so got to sleep late.

Problem is that by the time it gets cool enough for me to think, it's night time, so I don't want to get to sleep, but then in the morning, I don't want to get up, either.

This morning was pretty hard to get up to, but doable, eventually. Had a fairly unproductive day, as I was unfocussed, but figured out enough stuff to stage tomorrow. Genevieve was back from vacation, dealt with a blow-up by Daimon, and then things settled a bit. I was glad to see her back and Jo, too.

Had a good time talking with Charlie about RenFaire type things and actual SCA-quality costumes and swords and equipment. I'm still debating whether I should dress as a girl or a guy, or even if I should be doing anything at all. The swords are just tremendous and bring me back to the days when I was fencing regularly. Makes me miss that a lot. He says some women dress in Eastern costume, including caftans, and I have a very nice caftan. The Pane style doublet on Pendragon Costumes has me drooling a lot. I really like it and I am thinking about cobalt and black suede. It's just the pure style of it all.

Also had fun talking with Cera about not-much. Nothing important, just fun. Relaxing, non-demanding, nothing to worry too much about, and simply being. Is very, very nice.

Work was frustrating, though, in some ways. And my mood wasn't that good to begin with anyway. So things got worse as the day went on, but nothing concrete to wrap it around, just mood stuff. Finally John and I left work and I was grumpy, hungry and longing for chocolate cake. No known reason, just wanted chocolate cake. We went to a mall to find a birthday gift for a friend and also stumbled across a Krups electric tea kettle.

Ever since our trips to the U.K., I've always wanted an electric tea kettle that was fast, good, and had automatic shutoffs when it boiled, when it was too dry, and whenever it made no sense for it to be on. I also wanted one after the weekend, even more, because whenever I made iced tea it was so hot that it was almost torture to turn on the stove to heat the water, as the stove also heated the air around the kettle. With an electric kettle, the element is right in the water, so very little heat escapes from the setup. The Krups one there was rather expensive; but it was solid, had the features I wanted, and it was right there. I could have it in my hands if I just paid for it there, rather than doing the mail order thing I'd been debating for a while. Also, since I had my profit sharing check, I thought I could afford it even if it was more than I was originally thinking of spending. So I got it.

John also bought me a Mrs. Field's chocolate chip cookie, and that spiked my blood sugar enough that I wasn't as grumpy anymore, and when we got home I just piled leftovers onto my plate and ate and felt much, much better.

We watched the very last episode of From the Earth to the Moon and I was very, very happy to find that Harrison 'Jack' Schmitt made it to the moon. Caltech graduate, geologist and the only scientist to actually make it to the surface, a part of the very last crew to go and the crew that had the most EVA time of any of the crews. It was good to finally know the name of 'the Caltech graduate' who woke up in a complete panic when the played Wagner's The Ride as wake up music.

It was a very hot evening, and there wasn't any chance I was going to get to sleep when John went to bed so I clipped a leash onto Fezzik and the two of us wandered up and down a street and cul de sac just off our main road. The air was humid and hot and almost thick, eventhough the sun had already gone behind the mountains. The mountains were burning around the edges from the light behind them and the clouds were backlit and glowing and slowly dimming like dying embers. Fezzik padded quietly with me, panting pretty heavily from the heat, but happy to be out and walking with me. It wasn't a very long walk, but in the heat, it was pretty tiring, and when we got back, I made sure his bowl was filled with water and then I took myself off to bed.

It was so hot the only way I could get to sleep was with the fan on, but around 2 a.m. the wind outside picked up and so I had to close the door to the outside, but the fan was nice and loud enough to cover noises and stuff, so I finally got back to sleep. Fezzik didn't wake up all night, either, so the walk did him some good, too, I think.

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