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July 28, 1999
a year ago
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Order was very, very good today. It was nice to have a series of meetings that finally did some imposition of order on my day and thoughts and priorities. It was really odd to find meetings actually being a comfort, but so it was. I finally got my act back together and started getting things done again.

There's something about having others to verify that progress has been made, that there is something valid going on and something that we really can do and have done and will do. That was very nice.

I really do think it was the chocolate cake, actually. I had it for breakfast and carolled about it all the way to work, to John's obvious amusement and carolled all the way back home about it as well. I told everyone on-line about John making it for me and it just was fun to giggle about it with folks. Cera was most amazed in much the same way I was. The whole concept of someone else meeting ones needs or desires was just really, really cool.

Jenn and I had fun talking as well. As my initial thought indicated we are getting on pretty well, with some common interests and common thoughts and beliefs and some things that do pretty well. There are difference, but not overwhelming ones, just human ones that aren't a problem at all.

Dinner was hot dogs and leftover corn and potato salad. Lots of both, and it was good to just eat. I then melted some Bernard C chocolate pieces and poured the chocolate over the chocolate cake.

For some weird reason Amazon mailed my order in three different boxes. I have no idea why they did it, but they did; and I had to open all three and double check my whol list of what I'd ordered and found that it was all there. A weird mix of stuff and since I was depressed I found that I really didn't want to really read any of it as I knew most of it was somewhat emotionally harrowing.

The harrowing of the heart. I didn't need more of that. Connie Willis is really good at it, but I wasn't in the mood.

So I sat and wrote instead. Wrote journal stuff, first into the Clairfontain notebook that I'd gotten from Bryant, then I tried using my quills on the Stanley Journal that I'd gotten from Levenger and was disappointed by the quality of the paper as it bled badly from the ink that I'd laid down. It really looks like I'm going to have to use either a commercial fountain pen or even a ballpoint on it. sigh. Not what I'd wanted after Levenger's touted richness of materials.

Maybe I'll just stick with Clairfontaine.

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