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A Movie of a Life

It all worked out again. The plans that is. We got into line around 6:15 at the theater and got all the 7:30 tickets we needed, so we didn't manage to get to Tombos until 6:30 or so and found Regis and Raven there waiting for us. But they were fast, and so we were done eating before 7 p.m. on the most part. Regis and John went to the theater first, to find Mike while I waited on Raven and since I was slower anyway, with the knee, it worked out well. Raven and I wandered about a bit, and finally found the three of them in line.

It was a good thing they were in line. The theater got really full really quickly. And we managed to only get seats all together in the middle of the fourth or fifth row. Pretty close to the screen. Took a few previews before I could focus right, and then it was just fine when the movie itself came on.

I loved The Truman Show. It was short, it was cool and did the odd meta thing with a twisted grace and something that still hit home even as one could see the inner workings of the manipulation. And Jim Carey manages to pull his character off, really well, with an ability to control that wild-man wackyness to a fine degree. That was really keen to see. Plus the world within a world within a world. Each a presentation of the next, like mental dominos.

That doesn't really do the movie justice. Mike noted that it was very, very Phillip K. Dick-ish and there were moments that were just terrifying in the movie, when all the people on the 'set' moved in perfect synchronicity, it was just terrifying.

Go see it.

I have no idea why everyone in the group started talking about how they were all extras for the movie of *my* life. Of all the people in the group it was kinda weird to be the one pointed out. In some ways, I guess, this journal is an account of my life, but I usually get to choose what gets shown or not, it's not as if someone's always got a camera on me and records for everyone everything that I do and am without my conscious editing. It's in my control what gets shown, so that seemed to completely different. But I guess it's still a show of sorts.

Afterwards, Regis gave me Kelly J's present, and I love it. Tiny and beautiful and elegant with a secret at its heart. Beautiful. She wandered off after that, and Mike went to catch a bus home. John and Raven and I wandered over to Victor's and bought drinks and listened to live music for a while and talked over the plans for today. That was fun.

Sleep was easy afterwards.

So we're at work today. I got up a bit before John and went through some exercises to wake myself up and get back into the habit of doing them. I really have to do them regularly again, if I'm to withstand the darned workouts that Rick is giving me. So I'm going back to the darned workouts now that I can breath again, and try and get myself up to spec. I don't think Rick really understands my anger. I'm not entirely sure I do, but I think it had to do with the fact that I was such a wimp throughout school and that I got tired of it.

I'm still tired of it. And I want to get back to being less wimpy and more physically capable.

The day started grey and is starting to turn utterly gorgeous. And testing is getting somewhere. So I'm feeling pretty good. We're gonna meet up with Raven near the Fremont area and see if we can't get in on the free community movie that they show out there off the side of a building. They say people dress up for it and that there are folks that bring couches outside to watch and all that. It should be fun.

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