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Slept well but my dreams were really weird. Had Buffy the Vampire Slayer leading a bunch of us ragtag types in a riot run across Demon Country. We were having to do the run-through in order to get supplies across to some of our other folks, and it was a volunteers-only job that was just nasty. We had cyber-armor and a few high Sidhe with the real high-powered magical weaponary down with us but the rest of us were just grunt infantrymen. Kobals and orcs, trolls and bogeymen, shadow boys and uprooted dryads, hollow women and spiky sprites all.

It was a romping run. Fireworks, explosions everywhere, I can still feel the recoil of the rune rocket launcher on my shoulder, and see the swirled Logrus patterns of chaos picked up by the magical scanners in my heads-up displays. Tongue controls for flipping through IR and MA and sonar displays, with eye-focus targeting and chain gun rock and roll. It was insane, and the adrenaline really kicked as the demons rocketed out of everywhere. Dragons as fighter jets, with a rage and desire to kill, literally screaming as they came blasting in from overhead. Gargoyal mounts with chaingun attachments, centaurs for over rough country and packing supplies.

Nasty bits of wounded comrades, dragging them out through the smoke and fire, the muck and blood mixed with wire and steel. Battle repairs on one of the centaurs so they could carry a buddy out. Swigging water from a blessed canteen and a vampire pops out and gets smoked as I pour my water on it head.

It's the weirdest blend of high tech and high magic battle I've ever dreamed about and I know that it's the book's fault. Yeesh. What's funnier yet is that the squad gets through, and starts to do it on a more regular basis as it's doable, now, and so they start making money at it. The ending five minutes were successive shots of 'Buffy' leading in thrill-seeking 'clients'... at first just us as a team, then better and better dressed clients with her in more and more exotic gear. And eventually it's like a safari, with the demons all cowed and we're starting to have to make deals with them to have 'em attack us or at least been *seen* while the clients are looking.

That was kinda how it ended, with us dealing with the demons, finally and kinda blinking at the idea and realization that maybe we could have just dealt with them like this in the first place. But that it was a whole lot easier after we pounded 'em into the ground, first.

Woke surprisingly refreshed after all that. Went with John to get mochas and then organized this evening's movie activities with all the folks that were going to be seeing things with us. That was cool.

Work is still rev'ed up and I'm going full-guns at the tests I've been given. It's cool to just run though the checklist and crush the whole. Pretty simple and single minded work, all in all. There were a lot of little problems that were being fixed, but working around them took several hours of my time before I could actually get at the meat of some of the things I was doing, but it was good to know that they were getting priority and visibility.

Probably going to be working for a piece of tomorrow, too. We'll see. There's a lot to get done and I'm behind and feeling grumpy about it.

So the best thing seems to be to get all that done and over with and relax when I can, afterwards. We have a trip organized to see my Mom and Dad afterwards, and time with the sister will be good.

Sadly, it might eat into possible time with Raven. We'll see how it works out.

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