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Long Odd Day

I'd forgotten how much I feel it when I only have a one day weekend, and I'm just really grumpy and tired today. Lots of things just going on, still, as we're still in the Push It Out the Door stage, and I have an immense headache and some problems that I'm running across with the stuff that I'm testing, mostly because it hasn't had anyone owning it for a while, which is why I got it. For some reason, I seem to be the one to get the problem cases, perhaps because I'm trusted to fix 'em.

Ah well. So it's like hitting a brick wall after several days of things actually working on the most part. Oh well. Whack.

So I get to fix things, too. And the testing I've done will have to, some part of it, be redone. Oh well.

So I did it, and wandered about testing other things and found stuff that was broken. I guess that's the real point to testing, all in all, to find things that are broken and then get the wheels in motion to get things fixed and then re-tested. It was really interesting to find that I felt really stupid for having found it this late in the cycle, but I'm also kind glad that it was found at all.

But it wasn't until about 8 p.m. that I looked up and realized what time it was. John had been kept late by a few other things happening, and so we didn't get out the door until about 8:15, and while we were invited by the Colorado people out to a really nice seafood dinner, we decided not to join them. John was really good and realized just how lousey a shape I was in, and called off dinner with the visiting Colorado folks. Instead, we tottered home and just got take-out Taco Time, of all things. I just was in absolutely no shape to deal with social dining, and eventhough I gave up a really expensive dinner, it felt really good to be home and I got to tape Invasion America eventhough I was in absolutely no mood to stare at any screen again for the rest of the day.

John and I took Fezzik for a walk after dinner, so that I'd get some exercise in for my knee. I was tired of not making the time for my knee anymore, and a brisk fifteen minute walk really helped clear out my head as much as it cleared out my lungs. Fezzik was all bouncing cheerfulness as we left, and it was really cool to watch how energetic and happy he was to be going anywhere with us. That was fun.

Carl is a wise man.

As my knee recovers, I've been scheduling more and more things to do and places to be and stuff. This coming weekend Raven is coming to stay, the next weekend, John and I are going to San Diego, and then the weekend after Charlie is coming from Albuquerque. There's a bunch of things that may happen in August, and we're likely going to have to stick around for July 4th as I'm deacon that day.

Carl said, though, that I should be sure to schedule plenty of time to just soak amid candlelight. And he is, indeed, a wise man.

So I scheduled myself some time to soak and did so. Big bathtub filled with rose-scented bubbles, lots of candles lit and flickering against the white walls. Lowered myself in and sighed as all the tension from the big push at work finally released itself into the hot, hot water... lots more stuff to do, but at least, for a moment, I could just lay it all down and relax. That was nice.

Sleep was pretty easy after that.

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