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Houses Suck

Houses suck time and effort. Hrm.

Then again. John and I haven't done anything about the house or our clothes or anything for about a month, or at least the last several weeks that we've been crazy busy with work. So we had an entire mountain of laundry and a house that needed cleaning so badly that we just couldn't stand it any more.

I'd also assumed that Raven wasn't leaving until Monday, instead of the simple fact that he was thinking of leaving on Sunday. Which was an interesting mistake and one that actually ended up okay. Problem was that with that assumption, the minute John and I had the time, we dealt with the things that we felt had to be dealt with, first, rather than dealing time for Raven, first.

First off, I exercised, then we washed Fezzik, then we started washing laundry and all the rooms in the house. Then made breakfast, somewhere in there, with eggs and potatos and onions and the last of the corned beef hash, which was just for John and I. John then went to the dump after a brief consultation with me out by the garage.

While John was gone, Raven finally got decided to play with the Bandicoot. Given a choice of playing with the PlayStation or going to the dump, he chose the obvious thing, rather than the possibly more interesting thing. That was amusing. Magician's forces are so fun. So he played and I watched and did lots more laundry and did some clothes folding. I couldn't believe how much laundry John and I had. But then given that it's been a month... what amazes me is just the sheer volume of t-shirts that John and I have, and just how far we can go with that sheer number of clean, wearable items.

Meanwhile, Raven was playing like it was the last time he was going to see a PlayStation for a long time. It was pretty impressive how far he got.

Fezzik wandered back sometime around then. Mostly dry now and not quite as grumpy with me as when he went off, wet and washed. He hates getting washed, but seems to like being wet, which is an interesting juxtaposition. It was especially miserable that morning, as it had been misting lightly and cold, and the water was cold, so when Fezzik leaned against my legs while he was getting washed, he was furry, cold, sopping wet and unhappy with me. When he got back, he had just-washed mattes so I took him on the back porch and started to brush him. Raven came out soon after and helped out. That was pretty cool.

While we were out there, John got back and came over and we talked a bit, and then handed Raven a big thing with two grocery sacks stuck on each end and said that it was something that he'd found at the dump for Raven. The look on Raven's face was pretty funny. He said, later, that he'd actually expected something awful from the dump. It was, instead, the PlayStation that John and I had been plotting to give him for quite some time.

He was stunned.

That was cool. Best of all, when he and I first started out friendship, he'd made the promise to me that he would always, always accept any gift that I gave him. No matter what it was. So he couldn't say no, you can't give this to me. Heh.

That was fun.

We then scrambled to make it to dinner and then also to the church dance. It was at dinner that I found out that Raven was going away the next morning, and we were sitting in the middle of an Italian dinner. Oops. I'd wanted to get him sushi for his last dinner in Seattle, so I told him that I would have done more with him if I'd known it was his last day. So, obliging man that he was, he said he'd stay another day. We warned him that we were going to be busy with stuff at the church the next day, and he said that'd be okay, he'd have the time to get on-line and contact a few people. His web site is down at the moment, or else I'd be putting links to his page through all this. But as it is, I decided not to irritate people with linkage timeouts.

He thought about it and decided to stay anyway, which was really cool of him. So I was able to go to the dance and enjoy what of it I could.

It was fun. It was also, as Raven said, an event that had a very close resemblance to a wedding. For him, a wedding where he didn't really know anyone very well, either. The music was the same, the setup of the tables and food looked the same, the kids were running around wild, and the people were the cross-generational mix one gets at a wedding. The DJ was most excellent, did a really neat mix of music that everyone could get into, which meant a lot of old music, but danceable stuff.

John and I even danced! That was really interesting. My knee wasn't at all sure about it, but it worked out okay. And while in motion, it was just fine, and it would stiffen up between dances. But then if I walked a bit or even moved a while, it would loosen right up again, and do okay. I couldn't do anything too violent or too fast, so it really curtailed my usual dance style, but it was nice to just move to music again and enjoy it with my whole body. It was also really keen to just dance with John again... especially while wearing a Hawaiian dress I'd bought in Kawaii. It's all sea blues batiked by hand and then sewn into this dress with a deeply gored skirt that swirls with each step. I love dancing in it as it follows my motions so well.

It lasted until about 10:30. We'd arrived late, so we stayed late and helped pick up the dance floor, which was fun in and of itself. The side pieces were velcro'ed down, and the middle sections were large squares of parquet floor that were really heavy to lift. But all the men got into it, including John and Raven and I until my wrists started to protest the weight. So I stopped.

After all the tiles were up, the caretaker of the community center got out the sit-down vacuum and John got on it and away he went. It was really funny. The community center is mostly carpeted, so there is this huge square yardage of carpet, so the sit-down vacuum made sense. John gave lots of little kids rides, finally I sat down on it with him and we zoomed about, skirt fluttering behind us.

We didn't get home until past midnight, and we had to get up by 8 something to have breakfast before getting to church and the Annual Meeting. Ooof. But I did something that I really wanted to do, and gave Raven a thorough backrub before he went to sleep. It's always good to return favors.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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