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Thank God for Fridays

It was a really painful day, today. Just long and hard and filled with work and it was just gorgeous, outside, golden sunshine and hot. And absolutely no time with which to really enjoy it.

Also really sore just from the workout the day before. Tired and achy and creaking through the day. Finally reverted to drinking, of all things, a lot of the bottled Starbuck's Frappacino's, which are no worse than the ones they serve out of the stores. Kept me awake with caffeine and sugar.

Lunch was a run to Toshi's and we had meat candy, the teriyaki short ribs were just marvelous, and I was so tired, that after lunch I wanted nothing more than to go sleep. But there was so much testing still to be done, I didn't get a wink, or a nudge.

Didn't get home until after 8 or so, and then we still had dinner to find and we had a Raven in the house. So we wandered off to The Keg because I was in the mood for Meat and Raven doesn't eat the stuff, and the Keg has good salads and, it turned out, good fish and chips as well. I got a slab of rare prime rib with plenty of horseradish, potato and crisp-fried onion rings and felt much, much better after getting some blood sugar into me after a long time without.

The ride to and from the restaurant was hilarious. Mostly because John and Raven connected on Monty Python stuff, especially the completely obscure stuff I'd never even heard of before. They went through a number of things I did recognize from the Life of Brian, Live at the Hollywood Bowl, the Meaning of Life, i.e. the movies, and then shifted into the series and into utterly obscure and completely unrecognizable songs from the episodes that I've never even seen, much less been able to memorize.

That was funny.

The two of them singing and exchanging laughter about obscure quotes in the night, under a sea of stars. I watched, listened, and they were keen to see and be with. It's really nice to be surrounded by laughter.

Raven avoided the Bandicoot with alacrity and we went to sleep soon after as we were all pretty exhausted by the long and strange week. He'd had a number of surprises and problems with all the things he'd had to do to move out of his apartment in Seattle, but they were all done with and he was all ready to go when he would go.

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