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Vid Catchup

John woke up early and rode to work on his bike. I got up a bit later, did my exercises and ended up doing just three miles on the bike in about 12 minutes, which pleased me pretty much. Showered, got into work before 9am, which felt good.

Did lots of stuff. Played a bit in Genevieve's game and tested a bunch of things, verified a bunch of fixes and generally got somewhere with work, which felt pretty good.

Pretty even day. Lunch was a run to Taco Time, and dinner was whatever was in the fridge, since we're leaving tomorrow for San Diego, it was better to clean out what we could of the fridge when we could. I also don't know what access I'll be able to get while I'm down in Southern California (yeah, I know that eskimo.com does provide k56 access down there, but I don't have anything, yet, that can do that kind of access in a portable way), so this may not get updated for a while, after tomorrow. I'll try and fill in when I get back, but I know it'll break up the daily kinda thing.

We spent most of the evening watching all the Invasion America tapes that I've taped over the last several weeks. Having all three of them in a row was very nice, and gave me a better feeling for the structure of the entire story than I think having had only one would have given me. I'll also admit that after having watched quite a few episodes of the New Johnny Quest that the sudden transitions between CGI and hand-drawn cels didn't jar me at all. They were a lot better done than in NJQ.

Seemed to be the biggest complaint of the Horde was the techniques of all things. I actually rather liked the characters, and while the plot's pretty simple, the various ways it's being presented is pretty interesting. Plus there are just a few flashes of animation brilliance, motions that are breathtaking. Just a few. There isn't anything like anime's attention to detail, though, which, since they'd promoted it as 'anime-like' had really disappointed me. But for American animation, the storyline is the oddity, the new thing and it's interesting new ground.

Rather than a cast of characters that always show up again, some of the good ones actually die, and there's that sense of progression, of seeing any episode and who is in it and by those facts, you know when it was and where it was in the series. That is very cool.

We went to sleep with the plan that the next day we'd go home at lunch time to pack everything and get Fezzik to his boarding place and basically let it all just be until tomorrow.

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