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The Day Before Vacation

The day before always sucks, I mean, you have to catch up on all the fires that needed to be put out before I left and set up all things for making sure that nothing gets dropped while one is away. It's something of a pain in many ways. And then I get to worry about what I didn't pack, what I didn't do and what I didn't remember.

Well, that is if John lets me. That's the great good about that John Fellow, I don't get to worry for long. He'll just say it isn't worth it and tell me so thoroughly. I still worry.

Got up fairly early, and went to work and pummeled tests and thing until lunch time, when we went home, did manage to pack everything (except my bathing suit. If it's nice enough down there, I think I'll just buy one as one of my suit's elastic is going crunchy and it's about to go in the trash anyway. So it'll just be a replacement.

Fezzik also had to be sent to the vet's/boarding place and John and I brought him over there. He wasn't really happy about being there, but didn't object too much, either. He doesn't get frazzled there like some of the boarding kennels, as the people there like him a lot and treat him extra nicely, but he does get bored, I think. And he wanted to get out of there rather than go back to the kennels. Poor pup. They are also really good about checking him for things he needs, and taking care of him pretty well.

So we came back to work, handled another ton of stuff that had to be done, and my nerves gradually settled. The vacation will be fun. It's rainy and grey in Seattle and sunny and seventy in San Diego, we have a bit of a road trip planned and I have all the maps as well as the confirmation numbers on our flight, so that should be good, all in all. I haven't forgotten anything vital, as the most vital things, at this stage of traveling, are my tooth guard, my plane confirmation number, and my wallet. Everything else is gravy, unnecessary but nice to have.

Work will survive just fine without us as the crucial stuff has been done, fixed and tested. They'll do just fine.

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