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Getting Home

It was hard to get up after a restless night. But we did, and a bit earlier than before. I did a few stretches and a few quad sets and then showered and had breakfast with John and Mom, which mostly consisted of a ripe mango and the leftover cut dough lamb chow mein from the Muslim restaurant. Yum.

Then we packed. Stuffed things into all the luggage we had and added a big box, that we packed full of Stuff. All the various things that Kathy gave me, plus the t-shirts that we bought from the Bordertown party, plus the books and the curled up monk. Then we taped it shut and realized that we'd left the mangos out. That was pretty funny, so we put them in a smaller box and decided to just carry it. Mom's painting went carefully into a mailing tube and the sunglasses and the fountain pen went into my purse. Odd to carry a purse again.

When we left, I hugged Mom a lot and John wandered about with her around the yard talking about weed killers and how to use them where and how long they'd take and stuff. It took a while but it was fun, a good good-bye that took a while and we were able to talk a bit. That was good.

John and I then proceeded to the sunglasses place to return the sunglasses that were giving me a headache. The guy there asked me, several times, if I wanted to exchange 'em for something else instead of the full refund, but I decided not to, and him pressing the matter made it that much easier to do. So that was solved very quickly and simply. Much more so than I'd imagined it could have been. So that turned out really well. The only problem was that we kinda got lost on the way there, and had to call them to find out where they were. Which was then echo'ed by completely failing to know where the Fashion Valley Mall was and completely missing it while trying to get to it.

That was pretty funny.

Finally we stopped and looked at a phone book and found that it was right behind the very first place we thought it couldn't have been. That was amusing, and then we took the most direct route there.

The Colorado Pen Company was open and there were two people there, one obviously a new hire, the other possibly the person training her. The trainer looked impatient when I said that the cartridge was wrong and wouldn't fit and told me that she'd show me how it went. Then when it all came out of the box, it didn't fit at all. So she then said that it was entirely wrong. The trainee responded by saying that she hadn't put the cartridge in the box! I kinda blinked at all that, but they pulled out another Namiki pen, robbed it of its cartridge and then the trainer fit it into the socket and nearly pushed it home when John asked me, "Uhm. I don't think you want it in there, do you?"

I blinked and then said, "Oh, no, I don't. I'm about to take off with this on a plane."

"Oh!" the trainer said and then shuffled everything, pretty quickly, back into the box. "Indeed no."

The trainee wished me a good flight, and, bemused, I wandered off with my box. I blinked after I got out the door and said to John, "I think I'd like to check this all out one more time, as that was awful quick." So he set me down at a table outside a Starbuck's and I went through all the parts to be sure that they were all still there. It was a bit unsettling to have the woman assume that I had no idea what I was doing.

But it was all there, and John brought me an iced mocha, which made most of the odd feelings go away and we still had plenty of time. Plenty of time to get to El Indio's and eat some of the best Mexican food in San Diego. Perhaps a bit too much of the best food in San Diego. I had a fish taco that was most excellent and ordered a mini quesadilla that was just fat with chili's in cheese. John's combo would have done for most day's dinners. Plenty to fill in for the fact the flight would have no food. So even after all that we had the time to make it to a gas station and the airport. So that was very nice, indeed. My mood was much better by the time we got all checked in and everything, and it was even more helpful having seats near the front of the plane, as then we could delay getting on it until near the end of the boarding and get off fairly quickly.

Finding our baggage was funny because we have this one bag that's a wheeled carry-on that's from Costco, and there were at least five of exactly that same bag on that flight. I swear I'm going to spray paint it neon green for the next flight we have to check it. We had to check the name tags on at least five different other bags of exactly the same manufacturer and make. Yeesh.

So we didn't get out of the parking lot that we had the Range Rover parked in until nearly 7 p.m.. So there was no hope of getting Fezzik from Cedar River. Instead, we just went to Trader Joe's found random food, including a very purposeful bag of non-fat brownie mix and a tub of non-fat vanilla yogert and went home.

By this time I was nearly incoherent. I'm still not sure why. Some of it may have been from coming home, some of it from the travel, from being tired. Some may have just been nerves jangling from the six days at home and not really comfortable or sure of the communication channels anymore.

Whatever it was, I was unstrung by getting home.

So I made brownies for dinner. Neither of us were in the mood for much food and I really wanted brownies, so that was that. We watched the night's episode of Invasion America and then set up the tape for the Nigerian game. After seeing the game Saturday, I really wanted to see pretty much every game they play in, as their style is just fun to watch.

Sleep was most excellent in my very own bed again.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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