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I really, really, really hate driving in the middle of the day. All the folks that don't normally drive all that much are out and some of them just drive me nuts.

I had to go get Fezzik, myself, in the middle of the day, mostly because John wanted to get to work early, and then once there, he got sucked into something and couldn't leave, so I went to rescue the poor pup. He wasn't frazzled or upset or anything from his stay at the boarding place, but the minute after he greeted me by sticking his head against my legs he headed right for the door. He wanted out and he wanted home and even jumped into the back of the Range Rover to get there. He nearly never jumps into the back of the Rangie, as he knows that, eventually, we'll pick him up and put him in.

But he jumped right in and I noticed, as I was driving back that he was watching the landscape as it moved by. It was interesting to see what interested him and what didn't, what things made his ears perk and what he ignored. He had specific interests and it was funny to think of him as having that, and it was cool, too. He obviously liked being out of his boarding cell and as soon as we reached home, he padded over to his place at the foot of the stairs and lay down.

I ate a brownie, as my reward for having survived all that traffic, and then took a dog biscuit and Fezzik's water out to Fezzik's pen with Fezzik and put him outside in the wind and the rain and the sunshine. He looked pretty content crunching the biscuit in his favorite spot amid grass and trees and dappled shadows. I envied him, greatly, as I got stuck in after-lunch traffic, yet again.

Work has been busy, still. Still stuff to do. Ah well. Back into the grind.

I also really hate being back from vacation as it feels, now, that it was just way too short to be real. Ah well. It was a bit like a dream, in some ways, and I get to hit physical therapy tomorrow morning. Talk about rude awakenings. But it should be good for me, all in all.

I still daydream, though, of hot sunshine, cool beaches, and water further than the eye can see. Waves like leaping horses and cliffs cut by water, the soft hiss of water on the sand. Of the city spread out below me like a spilled chest of glowing gems on velvet as black as the void. I miss that, even as the rest is laid to rest in the past.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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