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June 5, 2000
two years ago


Much of the month has been cleaning up the very last bits of the previous release and trying, in some frustration, to start the next release up. I am still mildly burnt out, still unable to really think a lot about technical stuff and confused about what it really is that I want to do with writing things. I am not motivated in anything, and it's mildly frustrating to realize that I really just want, nearly desperately, to do nothing but sit and coast for a while after the last hard work push.

I think it's just burn out. Some R&R and I'll get back in it, or something.

Some of the problem is, also, that all of marketing is off at DAC and there are lots of things that can only be decided with them around as well. Lots of information about what's needed for the next release just plain isn't available.

Ah. With the spotty coverage of the last month I left two mildly important things out. One was the day after my blue hair was ressurected we took Fezzik in for the really nasty chemo. The first five weeks were all setup for what the Vet called The Big Guns, and this was the one that he had to take carefully or else it could do skin damage. Also, because of the overall affect of this particular medication, it could do more heart damage if he had any heart disease, so they had to do an ultra sound of his heart and they'd call us with the results before they did anything.

While we were waiting for that, John and I went to Conceptions to figure out the next step in all this fertility stuff. It's a hormonal treatment that ups the odds, so to speak, gets more eggs released and gives the sperm more chances to actually hit something viable. Plus they also do some cleaning up of the sperm to make sure only the strong get loosed in an environment that's eaiser on them. So the whole procedure was laid out before us along with a 15% chance of a multiple birth and of those, 85% would be twins. Beyond that the viability of the kids was hard to determine, so they do have a procedure to make sure that there aren't more than two. Which, on the other hand, they haven't had to use for 7 years, out of all their patients, as the odds of even multiple eggs getting released by the time their patients reach this level of stuff is still pretty low.

Anyway, we got the drugs and the time table and all the instructions on what to do and when to do it and it was mildly sobering. There is only this stage before in vitro, which is surgical and everything. Ugh... But it was also a bit late to catch the May cycle when we actually saw the doctor, so we were to start this in June.

Then, in the afternoon, the vet called to tell us that Fezzik had about 82% of his heart's muscle strength, and normal was around 83-89 percent. So he has a little it of heart disease, which wouldn't affect him, normally, for another two or three years; but the drug could do more damage. There was also another drug, about three times the cost, that would have no side effects, either to his heart, or to any skin if it was accidentally spilled on it. It was just as effective, but just more costly. We started saying that the cost was no real object; but since she'd not said that we really needed to use the more expensive one (as Fezzik's 'heart condition' was mildly marginal) we started thinking through what we could 'live with'. Finally, though, we decided that we'd just go with the more expensive one because we really didn't want, in a month, to find out that Fezzik's chances had been damaged over money, of all things, when money was so not a problem for us.

So they did that.

And Fezzik is doing really well. The blood tests this last week were completely clear and clean, so we went ahead with the next set, and the usual ice cream cones, and Fezzik just seems to get healthier and happier as we go. The walk this weekend was just really fun, what with all the humans now having fanny packs of treats and all the dogs willing to beg from anyone, the pack kept pretty tight with all the humans. Fezzik looked a little funny as they'd shaved a chunk out of one of his forelegs, and the pure white of his skin there was direct contrast to his blackness.

The streams were all running high and all the dogs had a good time swimming a lot and keeping cool in the 90+ heat. Oof. It's starting to be a challange just to cool the house down, at night, enough to actually get some sleep. Fezzik's started spending his nights outside, which is good for us. While he'd whimper at us at 5:30 to be let out, it wasn't until 7:30 that he bangs on one of the doors to be let back in. I guess he figures he'll get some time outside, first and then, when we actually get up and start cooking for breakfast, that he wants back in and wants to mooch off us for breakfast. So we get to sleep in a little later when he starts off outside. A useful thing.

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